Miss Vermont USA & Teen USA 2013 contestant rundown!

Update - Congratulations to Sarah Westbrook, Miss Vermont USA 2013 and Sophia Hadeka, Miss Vermont Teen USA 2013!  Results post coming soon.

Miss Vermont USA and Teen USA 2013 are being held on Sunday, Miss contestants are posted here and Teen here.  

The Miss division has a lot of returning contestants, including all of last year’s runners-up.  Their swimsuit and gown photos from last year can be seen here.  I’m not 100% sure but I think this may be the first - or at least one of the few - states this year where all the runners-up have come back.  The four are Kandi Clark, first runner-up the past two years as well as 2RU in 2010 and 3RU in 2009, Sarah Westbrook, 2RU last year and 1RU in 2010, Taylor Marthers, 3RU 2012 and Catherine Trudell, 4RU 2012.  Mia Franzoni, 4RU in 2009 and a semi-finalist in 2010 is also competing.  There is one former Teen competing (fairly unusual in Vermont) - Sydney Gregoire, Miss VT Teen USA 2010, who also competed in Teen from 2007-2009.  I was lucky enough to meet Sydney in Vegas, as well as outgoing Miss titleholder Jamie Dragon, and I have to say the VT girls are as sweet and pretty as they come.

Teen is a different story, there are two semi-finalists from last year and that’s it!  One of those is Erin Connors, Miss Vermont’s Outstanding Teen 2010.  Her successor Sophia Hadeka, Miss VT’s OT 2011 is also competing.   Melanie Hubbard is the sister of Miss Vermont Teen USA 2007 Olivia Hubbard.

A full list of contestants, including past placements, can be found by clicking “read more” under the 2012 top five photos.  Names of 2013 contestants are in bold under the top five pics

2012 Miss top five - Back: Catherine Trudell (4RU), Taylor Marthers (3RU) Front: Kandi Clark (1RU), Jamie Dragon, Sarah Westbrook (2RU)

Myranda Benoit
Gina Bernasconi
Dana Bingham
Kelsey Bowers
Paige Carrara (T15 VT TUSA 09)
Kandi Clark (1RU 12, 1RU 11, 2RU 10, 3RU 09)
Danielle Diarbakerly
Alicia Evancho
Mia Franzoni (T10 10, 4RU 09)
Shelby Gregoire (VT TUSA 10, 1RU VT TUSA 09, 3RU VT TUSA 08, 3RU VT TUSA 07)
Alyssa Johnson
Caroline Kemp
Jessica Letourneau
Taylor Marthers (3RU 12)
Marissa Raymond
Brittany Roemmelt
Sarah Schindler
Sarah Stenson (T10 VT TUSA 10, T12 VT TUSA 09)
Catherine Trudell (4RU 12)
Sarah Westbrook (2RU 12, 1RU 10)
Alma Zjakic

Katie Charland
Jessica Chase
Lily Choiniere
Erin Connor (T10 12, VT’s OT 10)
Madison Cota
Sejla Dzankovic
Jenna Elliott
Tara Flanagan
Hannah Franzoni
Sophia Hadeka (VT’s OT 11)
Taylor Hemingway
Casey Holtz
Jade Hotchkiss
Taylor Hough (T10 12)
Melanie Hubbard
Shelby Losier
Sabrina Maceri
Emma Marchessault
Madeline Mask
Marika Mulroy
Kassidy O’Connell
Paige Palmer
Katie Prouty
Morgan Randall
Katelyn Roussell
Holly White

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