Miss Delaware USA & Teen USA 2013 results!

Apologies for not getting a contestant rundown up for Delaware this year… had a busy weekend and by the time the list was up I didn’t have time to do a blog post.  The new Miss Delaware USA 2013 is Rachel Baiocco, a 2012 semi-finalist, and Miss Delaware Teen USA 2013 is Melissa King, who won a non-finalist interview award last year.  Rachel was the contestant immediately in front of winner Krista Clausen in last year’s lineup and the two are friends.  Miss Delaware Teen USA 2010 Kelsey Miller placed second runner-up, extending the list of former Teens who have made the top five but not won (see the history of former Teens competing in Delaware here).

Miss Delaware USA 2013 - Rachel Baiocco(T11 12)
1RU: Kimberly Martin (T11 12)
2RU: Kelsey Miller (DE TUSA 10)
3RU: Emily Drake (T15 DE TUSA 05)  
4RU: Alina Wade (2RU 12, 4RU 11, T10 10)

Top 10: 
Amanda Mahadan 
Nina Vietri
Lauren Parkes (1RU 12, 4RU MD USA 11, T10 DE USA 10, 4RU DE USA 09, T15 DE USA 08)
Cassandra Williams (NF 12) 
Elizabeth Doherty 

Rachel Baiocco, Kimberly Martin, Kelsey Miller, Emily Drake, Alina Wade

Miss Delaware Teen USA 2013 - Melissa King (NF 12)
1RU: Hailey Lawler 
2RU: Elizabeth Schreiber (T11 12)
3RU: Brighid Minemier
4RU: Holt Querey (1RU 12) 

Top 10: 
Ana Fernandez-Davila (4RU 12) 
Ashtyn Bentley
Candice Bannister-Gibbs (T11 12) 
Erin Nibblett 
Brielle Close 

Melissa King, Hailey Lawler, Elizabeth Schreiber, Brighid Minemier, Holt Querey

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