Miss Pennsylvania USA & Teen USA 2013 results!

Miss Pennsylvania USA and Teen USA pageants were held on Sunday afternoon. Following the recent trend of highly experienced girls winning, the title was taken by Jessica Billings who has previously competed in Wisconsin, Indiana and Minnesota, including placing 1RU in 2009 and 2010.   I have photos of her in past competitions on her profile, as far back as 2007!  Jessica is now one of three of last year’s top fifteen in Minnesota who will be competing at Miss USA 2013 - the others being Chrissy Zamora, Miss Wisconsin USA (3RU) and Danielle Hooper, Miss Minnesota USA 2013 (SF).  Last year’s first runner-up Valerie Compeggie, who had been a semi-finalist every year from 2007-2011, placed third runner-up in her last attempt. Fourth runner-up Lyndi Delisio, who was competing for the first time, has also aged out. 

The Teen winner is Ebone Jimerson, a semi-finalist last year and one of only three in the competition who had competed before.  Alex Taylor Deitz placed first runner-up for the second consecutive year - it seems to have been happening a lot this year in both age groups!

Miss Pennsylvania USA 2013 - Jessica Billings (T15 MN USA 12, 3RU WI USA 11, 1RU WI USA 10, 1RU IN USA 09, T15 MN USA 07, T15 MN TUSA 05, T6 MN TUSA 04)
1RU: Laura DiFrancesco (T15 12, T15 PA TUSA 05)
2RU: Billie Jo Powers 
3RU: Valerie Compeggie (1RU 12, T15 11, T15 10, T15 09, T15 08, T15 07)
4RU: Lyndi Jo Delisio

Semi-finalists: Victoria McIlrath, Antoinette (Lee) Schneider (3RU NJ USA 08, T15 NJ USA 07, 1RU NJ USA 06, 1RU NJ TUSA 05, 1RU NJ TUSA 04), Ryann Williams, Stephanie Jacques (T15 FL TUSA 10), Dana Pirolli, Amanda Mock, Mackenzie Bello, Valerie Gatto, Rachel Syktich, Julia Pauline (2RU PA TUSA 10).

Congeniality: Stephanie Jacques
Photogenic: Billie Jo Powers


Jessica Billings, Laura DiFrancesco, Billie Jo Powers, Valerie Compeggie, Lyndi Jo Delisio

Miss Pennsylvania Teen USA 2013 - Ebone Jimerson (T15 12)
1RU: Alex-Taylor Deitz (1RU 12) 
2RU: Catherine D’Arcangelo
3RU: Veronica Howard
4RU: Mariah Custer  

Semi-finalists: Alexandra Pacinda (T15 12), Justina Torres, Jacklyn Adelene, Caitlin Miller, Devyn Goldstein, Alexa Adams, Grace Shaub, Kaitlyn Lucas, Kaitlyn Fritz, Rachel Lipski

Congeniality: Devyn Goldstein
Photogenic: Erica White-Ruffin


Ebone Jimerson, Erica White-Ruffin, Machijah Persaud, Maura Deegan, Dionne Wright

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