Miss Texas USA 2014 contestant list is up!

UPDATE!  Earlier today Lauren Guzman was crowned Miss Texas USA 2014!  Click here for full results of the pageant.

Always the source of a lot of interest, Texas has posted their contestant photos for 2014.  You can see all the pictures here.  With 110 contestants I’m not in a position right now to give a text list of all the girls competing, but here’s a few notes of those who have competed before.

Firstly, there are two former Miss Texas Teen USA titleholders in the mix, both of whom have competed before.  Lauren Guzman, Miss Texas Teen USA 2008 is competing for the fourth time, and has made the top five every year she has competed.  Her highest placement was in 2012 when she was first runner-up to Brittany Booker.  Lauren’s Teen successor, Kelli Harral, Miss Texas Teen USA 2009, is competing for the third time.  She was a non-finalist in 2012 & 2011.

As well as Lauren, there are four other past runners-up competing this year. Jordan Schultz was last year’s first runner-up, and also first runner-up to Ashley Durham in Tennessee in 2011.  Not many girls can say they were 1RU to both a first runner-up & fourth runner-up at Miss USA!  The others are Erin Kay, semi-finalist last year & 4th runner-up in 2012, Nikki Golyer, 2RU in 2011, Kathryn Dunn, 4th runner-up in 2011 andTahnae Tarkenton, 4RU in 2009.  Lauren, Kathryn, & Nikki were all runners-up in Texas in 2011 - you can see their opening, swimsuit & gown photos at that year’s top five montage page.

List of past semi-finalists:

  • Jordan Schultz (1RU 13, 1RU TN USA 11)
  • Lauren Guzman (4RU 12, 1RU 12, 3RU 11, Miss Texas Teen USA 2008)
  • Erin Kay (T16 13, 4RU 12)
  • Kathryn Dunn (NF 13, T15 12, 4RU 11, NF TX TUSA 08)
  • Tahnae Tarkenton (T16 13, NF 12, NF 10, SF 10, 4RU 09, T15 08, 1RU TX TUSA 07, NF TX TUSA 06)
  • Nicole Golyer (NF 13, 2RU 11, NF 10)
  • Christina Entsminger (T16 13, T15 12, T15 11, NF 10, NF TX TUSA 08, NF TX TUSA 07)
  • Andrea Fox (T16 13, NF 12)
  • Alejandra Gonzalez (T16 13, NF 12)
  • Megan McAnelly (T16 13, NF 12, 1RU 11, 3RU 10, NF 09)
  • Alexandra Nini (T16 13, T15 TX TUSA 09, NF TX TUSA 08)
  • Peyton Saverance (T16 13, NF 12, NF 11, NF 10, NF 09, NF 08)
  • Kelli Harral (NF 12, NF 11, Miss Texas Teen USA 2009)

Other names I recognise of girls who have competed previously are: Elise Banks, Kenda Carroll, Desiree Gonzales, Samaria Mouton, Taylor Nichols.  This is not an extensive list!  Without my laptop (in for repairs) and without TFTJ it’s hard to come up with a definitive list.  You can view a full list of last year’s contestants here.

Here are the headshots of the past runners-up: Jordan Schultz, Lauren Guzman, Erin Kay, Nikki Golyer, Kathryn Dunn, Tahnae Tarkenton


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