Miss Rhode Island USA & Teen USA 2014 contestant rundown!

EDIT - Congratulations to newly crowned Miss RI USA 2014 Christina Palavra & Miss RI Teen USA 2014 Gabriella Maggiacomo! Click here to view full results of the pagenat and here to view my Facebook page, which has more photos.

Miss Rhode Island USA & Teen USA contestants have finally been posted and it’s a very interesting year! A lot of states have had a huge recruitment push in recent months and it’s immediately obvious in Rhode Island, where their numbers have almost doubled. I expected RI to get a boost last year after Olivia Culpo won Miss USA but that never eventuated… maybe after she won Miss Universe the rate of interest grew! A list of all past Miss Rhode Island USA & Teen USA titleholders, & links to titleholder profiles, can be found on their State Index page

There aren’t many returning contestants either, although two of last year’s runners-up, Theresa Agonia and Nicole Iannuccillo are competing, as is Olivia’s first runner-up and former Miss Rhode Island Teen USA 2008 Tiondra Martinez. Tiondra is the only former Teen competing this year, but Miss RI Teen USA 2011 Lindsey Bucci’s fraternal twin sister Amanda is competing (in the Miss division). There are some fabulous newbies competing, however, including (just a few who caught my eye) Victoria Cuartas, Gianna Izzo, Katherine McPhillips, and Caroline Williams.

In Teen, two of last year’s runners-up, Ashton Penney and Meaghan Corse are competing, as well as 2012 runner-up Kristen Hanlon (who did not compete last year).  Miss Rhode Island’s Outstanding Teen 2012 Alexandra Coppa is also competing.

Here are the top five pics from last year & 2012 showing Theresa, Nicole & Tiondra, as well as last year’s Teen top five photo showing Ashton & Meaghan.


2013 Miss top five - Nicole Iannuccillo (3RU), Jessica Strohm (1RU), Brittany Stenovitch, Julia Scaparotti (2RU), Theresa Agonia (4RU)


2012 Miss top five - Mariely Gonzalez (3RU), Talia Turco (2RU), Olivia Culpo, Tiondra Martinez (1RU), Alana Lauro (4RU)


2013 Teen top five - Kayla Giarusso (4RU), Ashton Penney (2RU), Elaine Collado, Christina Drumm (1RU), Meaghan Corse (3RU)

Click “read more” to view the full list of contestants


Theresa Agonia (4RU 13 SF 12 3RU RI TUSA 09 SF RI TUSA 08)
Victoria Albin
Elise Armour
Samantha Beauregard
Isabella Bennett (NF RI TUSA 13)
Gina Beretta
Amanda Bucci
Jessica Chabot (NF 13)
Gina Colao
Bryanna-Linne Cox
Chelsea Creamer
Victoria Cuartas
Ashley D’Arpino
Sage Dauphinee
Kayla Dellefratte
Amy Dominigues
Nicole Eacuello
Heather Erickson
Monica Ferreira
Nicole Iannuccillo (3RU 13)
Gianna Izzo
Amanda Jackson
Ganykar Khiev
Elizabeth Koller
Nikole Koprusak
Amanda Kucukkay
Brittanie LaRose
Angelina Mackie
Jennifer Madriaga
Tara Manion
Macie Marchetti
Tiondra Martinez (1RU 12, Miss RI Teen USA 2008)
Jamie McIntyre
Katherine McPhillips
Allegra Micheletti
Sasha Nesberth
Jane Oliva
Christina Palavra
Rachael Perry
Logan Pirolli
Lauren Plante (SF RI TUSA 12)
Kayla Reed
Jaritze Reyes
Andriana Roberson
Sara Rosen
Kayla Ruhle
Kristie Saliba
Carolina Santamaria
Michelle Senteio
Kelsey Shank
Katelyn St. Ours
Sadi Thann
Anna Thomas
Ashley Waterman
Christina Wheelock
Caroline Williams
Misitura Yussuf

Molly Andrade
Jai-ana Baker
Katie Bergantine (SF 13)
Arlin Cabrera
Stephanie Campbell
Erica Clark
Alexandra Coppa (Miss Rhode Island’s Outstanding Teen 2012)
Meaghan Corse (3RU 13)
Sophie Cram
Rachael Curry
Amanda Damon
Keyla DeHoyos
Phoebe DePerry
Dakota Desjarlais
Sophia Desmarais
Nina DiBenedetto
Abbie Dubois
Eden Duhamel
Tomara Francese
Alexis Franco
Jazmin Garcia
Gianna Gargaro
Dora Gonzalez
Kristen Hanlon (4RU 12)
Sarah Hoxsie
Alexis Jackson
Paige Keigwin (SF 13)
Mallory Leonard
Jennifer LePiors
Victoria Libby
Amber Lipsky
Jacqueline Lopes
Carissa Loria
Christina Maggiacomo
Gabriella Maggiacomo
Mary Malloy
Abby Mansolillo
Alexis Marsella
Ja-Shane’ Moreino
Tianna Murgo
Zanabou NJie
Leah Octeau
Kelsey Oliveira
Nicole Pallozzi
Ashton Penney (2RU 13)
Jaidan Pereira
Jonnessa Pereira
Rachael Rimoshytus
Olivia Sherman
Margeaux Sippell
Brooke Soares (NF 13)
Marisela Talavera
Isabella Torres
Hailey Turchetta
Brianna Vega

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