Miss Alabama USA Madeline Mitchell Overcomes Horrific Crash, Heads to Miss USA Beauty Pageant - ABC News

Madeline Mitchell was on her way to living her dream. She was about to compete in the Miss Alabama USA beauty pageant when tragedy struck.

"I was on my way home and … a deer ran out in front of me," Mitchell, then 20, said of the September 2008 crash. "I actually hit the deer and lost control of my car and went off a 40-foot ravine and my car caught fire. I remember everything. The accident, it was horrible."

It was a moment of sheer terror. Her twisted, mangled car was on fire in the ravine. Mitchell and her boyfriend, both badly injured, were trapped inside.

"I did not think that I was going to live. I was just praying to God that a miracle would happen," Mitchell, now 22, told "Good Morning America."

She got her miracle. Walmart truck driver Gary Lewellen was driving by when someone else who witnessed the crash flagged him down.

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