Miss New Hampshire USA & Teen USA results!

Miss New Hampshire USA 2014 is Bridget Brunet of South Hampton and Miss New Hampshire Teen USA 2014 is Mikaela Seamans of Keene!  Both have experience, Bridget was a Teen semi-finalist in 2005 & 2006 and Mikaela was a non-finalist in 2012 and third runner-up last year.  Congratulations girls!  Click their names to view their profiles, which have more photos.

First runner-up, for the second year in a row - and her fourth year in the top five - was Samantha Poirier. Second runner-up was former Miss New Hampshire and past semi-finalist Krystal Muccioli, making the top five for the first time in three years.  Third runner-up was Chelsie Goerndt and fourth runner-up was Dana Mozzoni, both newcomers.  Miss Vermont Teen USA 2007 Olivia Hubbard was one of the semi-finalists.

In Teen, three of the four returning contestants made top five, Mikaela, third runner-up Mattison Trotter and fourth runner-up Etta Poppek.  The other runners-up were Micaela McIntyre, first runner-up and Daniella Gibadlo, second runner-up.  

Full results:

Miss New Hampshire USA 2014 - Bridget Brunet (SF NH TUSA 06, SF NH TUSA 05)
1RU: Samantha Poirier (1RU 13, 2RU 12, 2RU 11)
2RU: Krystal Muccioli (SF 13, SF 12, Miss New Hampshire 2011)
3RU: Chelsie Goerndt
4RU: Dana Mozzoni

Top 10:
Katrina Waller (SF 13, NF 12)
Belle Kiley 
Michelle Robichaud
Olivia Hubbard (Miss Vermont Teen USA 2007, SF VT TUSA 06)
Candice Dodge

Congeniality: Sara Sheppard
Photogenic: Dana Mozzoni

Bridget Brunet, Samantha Poirier, Krystal Muccioli, Chelsie Goerndt, Dana Mozzoni

Miss New Hampshire Teen USA 2014 - Mikaela Seamans (3RU 13, NF 12)
1RU: Micaela McIntyre
2RU: Daniella Gibaldo
3RU: Matison Trotter (SF 13)
4RU: Etta Popek (SF 12)

Top 10:
Kerri Sears
Daniella Doolen
Bryana Clark
Angelita Colon
Chelsea Marie Marshall

Congeniality: Etta Popek
Photogenic: Matison Trotter

Mikaela Seamans, Micaela McIntyre, Danielle Gibadlo, Matison Trotter, Etta Popek

Miss New York USA & Miss New York Teen USA contestant rundown!

The final titleholders crowned for 2014 will be the new Miss New York USA & Miss New York Teen USA, with the Teen show starting at 3pm and Miss show starting at 7pm.  This year the pageant is being directed by Cynthia Provost & Debbie Miller from D&D Investments, for the first time.  Miss contestants are posted here and Teen contestants are here.

The change of director hasn’t dampened contestant numbers, with 171 contestants in the Miss division.  This year there are no less than SIX former Teen titleholders competing, three from New York and one each from Maryland, Illinois and Connecticut - and three of whom competed at Miss Teen USA 2008.  They are (click each name to view their Teen profile): Candace Kuykendall (competing as Candace Kendall), Miss New York Teen USA 2006, Sana Idnani  (competing as Sana Serrai), Miss New York Teen USA 2008, Lisa Drouillard, Miss New York Teen USA 2011, Nora Downs, Miss Illinois Teen USA 2008, Ana Maria Lawson, Miss Maryland Teen USA 2008 and Olga Litvinenko, Miss Connecticut Teen USA 2007.  Olga and Sana  competed in New York in both 2012 and 2013, with Sana making the top 20 in 2012.  Nora has twice been a semi-finalist in Pennsylvania, and the other three are competing in Miss for the first time.  Miss Rhode Island 2011 Robin Bonner is competing in a USA pageant for the first time.

There are no returning runners-up from last year, although Brittany Jasenski, 2011’s first runner-up, is back after not competing last year (she was also top 10 in 2012, made the top 10 in  competed in SC in 2010 and the top 25 in NY in 2008).  Past Teen runners-up competing include Michelle Medoff, 4RU in 2011 and Hannah Lopa, 3RU in 2010 (Top 10 last year).  2013 Mississippi first runner-up Cayla Brooks - also a runner-up in 2011 & 2012 and Teen runner-up in 2006 - is competing in New York for the first time.

Other returning semi-finalists from 2012 & 2013 are April MaroschickKelly BojosChelsea IrwinBrittany Chen and Nadia Manginelli.

In the Teen division, very few of the 81 contestants have competed previously.  The only returning runner-up is 2013 second runner-up Marisa Pierini and returning semi-finalists are Geena Cardalena (T10 13), Sabrina Franza (T10 13) and Amanda Torchia.  Rachel Gibbons, 3RU in Miss Florida Teen USA 2013, is competing in New York this year.

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Miss New Hampshire USA & Teen USA 2014 contestant rundown!

Miss New Hampshire USA & Teen USA 2014 will be held Sunday afternoon from 3pm, under the directorship of Laurie Clemente & Clemente Productions for the first time.  Miss contestants are posted here and Teen contestants here.

The only runner-up from 2013 is first runner-up Samantha Poirier who was also a runner-up in 2012 and 2011.  Returning semi-finalists from last year include Sophia PanourgiasKatrina Waller and Krystal Muccioli (who was Miss New Hampshire 2011).  Miss Vermont Teen USA 2007 Olivia Hubbard is competing in a Miss pageant for the first time.  Her sister Melanie was first runner-up at Miss Vermont Teen USA 2014 late in 2013.

In the Teen competition, 2013 third runner-up Mikaela Seamans is back, as are 2013 semi-finalists Jamie Lander and Matison Trotter and 2012 semi-finalist Etta Popek.

Miss contestants: Samantha Poirier, Sophia Panourgias, Katrina Waller, Krystal Muccioli, Olivia Hubbard / Teen contestants : Mikaela Seamans, Jamie Lander, Matison Trotter, Etta Poppek.

Click “read more” to view the full list of contestants with notes of past placements.

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Miss Kentucky USA & Teen USA 2014 results!

Destin Kincer from Whitesburg is the new Miss Kentucky USA 2014 and Megan Ducharm from Shelbyville is Miss Kentucky Teen USA.  Neither are strangers to the pageant, as both have placed first runner-up in Teen previously!  The Miss competition final two this year was a repeat of Miss Kentucky Teen USA 2011, with Destin and Stephanie Jones holding hands at the end, but this year it was Destin who emerged with the win.  Megan was also first runner-up in the Teen competition, in 2013.

Full results:

Miss Kentucky USA 2014 - Destin Kincer (1RU KY TUSA 11)
1RU: Stephanie Jones (Miss Kentucky Teen USA 2011, 1RU KY TUSA 10)
2RU: Monica Robertson (SF 13)
3RU: Megan Kasama (Miss KY County Fair 2010)
4RU: Emily Bryant (2RU 13)

Top 10:
Katrina Giannini (2RU 12, Miss Kentucky Teen USA 2007) 
Jessica Wallace  (SF 12)
Samantha Moore
Callie Smith (SF 13)
Kelsey White (SF 11)

L to R Destin Kincer (Miss KY USA), Monica Robertson (2RU), Emily Bryant (4RU), Stephanie Jones (1RU), Megan Kasama (3RU)

Miss Kentucky Teen USA 2014 - Megan Ducharm (1RU 13)
1RU: Destiny Guffey
2RU: Samantha Strong
3RU: Caroline Ford (Miss Teen KY County Fair 2012)
4RU: Jamie Wise

Top 10:
Emily Brucken
Harper Gray
Bailey Pride
Madelyn Carek (3RU 13)
Lauren Dunn

Destiny Guffey (1RU), Jamie Wise (4RU), Caroline Ford (3RU), Samantha Strong (2RU), Megan Ducharm (Miss KY Teen USA)

Miss Arkansas USA & Teen USA 2014 results!

Helen Wisner had an amazing night on Sunday, winning the Miss Arkansas USA 2014 title… and getting proposed to by her now-fiance!  Miss Arkansas Teen USA 2014 is Lauren Weaver.

Both Helen and Lauren made the top five last year, with Helen placing first runner-up and Lauren third runner-up (for the second year in a row).  Helen is the first returning 1RU to win Miss Arkansas USA since at least 2000, when my records start.  She is one of only two in the past eight titleholders who had competed in the USA system before she won.  The past three titleholders were all newbies.

Helen competed at Miss Arkansas (America) twice, winning Alpha prelim awards but never placing.  She competed at Miss Arkansas 2012 with her predecessor Hannah Billingsley and at Miss Arkansas 2011 with both Hannah and Miss Arkansas USA Kelsey Dow.  In fact, seven of the past eight Miss Arkansas USA titleholders have past MAO experience, with only Lakynn McBride not having competed in that system.  Amazingly, Helen, Miss Arkansas USA 2008 Rachel Howells, Miss AR USA 2009 Chanley Painter AND Miss AR USA 2010 Adrielle Churchill all won the “Miss White River” local title during their MAO career.

Helen’s first runner-up Adrianna Nelson is also a MAO veteran, having placed first runner-up at Miss Texas 2011 & 2012 (ouch :(  poor thing!).  Second runner-up Leah Blefko was competing in Miss for the first time, having been first runner-up at Miss Kansas Teen USA 2012 and third runner-up Allison Kusenberger (Miss AR Teen USA 2009) and fourth runner-up Kyndal Hayes both made the top five for the second year in a row.  Helen won the interview award, Adrianna won gown and Kyndal won swimsuit.

In the Teen competition, first runner-up Abby Marrin and third runner-up Haley Bird were both returning semi-finalists from 2013.  Fourth runner-up Makenzie Sexton repeated her placement from 2013 and second runner-up KeLee King was the only newcomer in the top five.  The semi-finalist group included four contestants who were semi-finalists in 2012, three of whom were non-finalists last year.  Leah was the interview winner, Abby won gown and Makenzie won swimsuit.

Full results:

Miss Arkansas USA 2014 - Helen Wisner (1RU 13)
1RU: Adrianna Nelson
2RU: Leah Blefko (1RU KS TUSA 11)
3RU: Allison Kusenberger (2RU 13, 3RU 12, Miss Arkansas Teen USA 2009, SF AR TUSA 08)
4RU: Kyndal Hayes (4RU 13, T15 TN USA 11, 3RU TN TUSA 10, T15 TN TUSA 09) 

Top 11:
Miranda Johnson 
Amber Gross 
Stacey Butler  
Morgan Miller (2RU AR TUSA 11, T12 AR TUSA 10, T12 AR TUSA 09, NF 08)  
Amber Brewer (SF 13)
Sarah Sutton 

Congeniality: Apryl Jackson
Photogenic: Leah Blefko


Helen Wisner, Adrianna Nelson, Leah Blefko, Allison Kusenberger, Kyndal Hayes

Miss Arkansas Teen USA 2014 - Lauren Weaver (3RU 13, 3RU 12)
1RU: Abby Marrin (SF 13)
2RU: KeLee King
3RU: Haley Bird (SF 13, SF 12)
4RU: Makenzie Sexton (4RU 13)

Top 16:
Kate Johnson  
Ciara Hibdon  (NF 13, SF 12, NF 11)
Blair Wortsmith  
Courtney Shepard (NF 13, SF 12)
Olivia Day  (NF 13, SF 12)
Linzee Davis  
Brenna Yates 
Bailey Breving 
Dana Francis  
Haven Bennett  (SF 12)
Alexis Toney  

Congeniality: Brenna Yates
Photogenic: Lauren Weaver


Lauren Weaver, Abby Marrin, KeLee King, Haley Bird, Makenzie Sexton

Miss Nevada USA & Teen USA 2014 results

Miss Nevada USA 2014 is Nia Sanchez and Miss Nevada Teen USA 2014 is Alexa Taylor.  Click their names to view their profiles, which have more photos.  

Both Nia and Alexa live in the Las Vegas area.  Of the pair, only Nia has competed in the USA system previously.  She was second runner-up at Miss California USA 2010 (behind Nicole Johnson and Miss USA 2012 Nana Meriwether) and top 20 in California in 2011 and 2012.  

Nia’s first runner-up was newcomer Stephanie Cook, second runner-up was 2013 semi-finalist Jessica Davis.  Both the third and fourth runners-up are past California contestants, third runner-up Brittany McGowan making the top five in a USA state pageant for the second time and Cierra Jackson for her first, having been a semi-finalist in 2012 but a non-finalist in 2010, 2011 and 2013.

The top 10 bracket consisted of two past Nevada semi-finalists and Miss Nevada Teen USA 2010 first runner-up Cory Bradley and the top 15 included three-time runner-up Whitney Green, 2013 third runner-up Talyah Polee, past Texas semi-finalist Jordan Johannsen and California semi-finalists Mary-Kate Fitzpatrick and Susan Romanishin.  Of the top 15, five competed at Miss California USA 2012.

Miss Nevada Teen USA 2007 Danielle Hashimoto, 2013 semi-finalist Kimberly Andres, and past Florida contestant Anastasia Pavlenko failed to make the cut.

In the Teen competition most of the contestants were newcomers so there were no noticeable trends, although it should be noted returning runner-up Marilyn Kennedy placed 4th runner-up (she was 3RU last year and 2RU in 2012).

Full results:

Miss Nevada USA 2014 - Nia Sanchez (T20 CA USA 12, T20 CA USA 11, 2RU CA USA 10)
1RU: Stephanie Cook
2RU: Jessica Davis (SF 13)
3RU: Brittany McGowan (T10 CA USA 13, 4RU CA USA 12, T10 CA USA 11, T10 CA USA 10)
4RU: Cierra Jackson (NF CA USA 13, T20 CA USA 12, NF CA USA 10, NF CA USA 09)

Top 10:
Felice Garcia (SF 12)
Chris Salas  (SF 13)
Emmy Adams 
Joy Thompson 
Cory Bradley (1RU NV TUSA 10)

Top 15:
Jordan Johannsen (SF TX USA 13)
Talyah Polee  (3RU 13, NF 12)
Susan Romanishin  (T20 CA USA 12, NF CA USA 11)
Mary Kate Fitzpatrick 
Whitney Green  (2RU 13, 2RU 11, 4RU 10)


Nia Sanchez, Stephanie Cook, Jessica Davis, Brittany McGowan, Cierra Jackson

Miss Nevada Teen USA 2014 - Alexa Taylor 
1RU: Natasha Cook
2RU: Zitlaly Cervantes
3RU: Kami Deike
4RU: Marilyn Kennedy (3RU 13, 2RU 12)

Top 10:
Sandy Byrd
Hailey Petersen
Paris Regan
Sarahy De La Rosa
Mackenzie Zurcher (NF 13)

Top 15:
Kailey Boersma - Seven Hills
Allison Garcia
Sabrina Singh 
Ashley Snyder 
Patcy Zeigler 


Alexa Taylor, Natasha Cook, Zitlaly Cervantes, Kami Deike, Marilyn Kennedy

Congratulations to this weekend’s six winners!  Only two more states to go :)  Profiles are up for the Miss states now, with lots of photos, and TEEN PROFILES ARE UP NOW TOO!
Helen Wisner Miss Arkansas USA 2014
Destin Kincer Miss Kentucky USA 2014
Nia Sanchez Miss Nevada USA 2014
Lauren Weaver Miss Arkansas Teen USA 2014
Megan Ducharm Miss Kentucky Teen USA 2014
Alexa Taylor Miss Nevada Teen USA 2014

Congratulations to this weekend’s six winners!  Only two more states to go :)  Profiles are up for the Miss states now, with lots of photos, and TEEN PROFILES ARE UP NOW TOO!

Miss Kentucky USA & Teen USA 2014 contestant rundown!

UPDATE!  Congratulations to Destin Kincer, Miss Kentucky USA 2014 & Megan Ducharm, Miss Kentucky Teen USA 2014!  Click their names to view their profiles.

Miss Kentucky USA & Teen USA 2014 start at 7pm and I should be able to post updates at my Facebook page (expect a results rundown post after the show).

I am very grateful to have been sent the contestant list, as KY is a rather mysterious state which never posts their contestants and is hard to find photos of!  So this is fun :)

Firstly, there is only one 2013 runner-up returning, Emily Bryant who was 2RU last year.  There are two former Miss Kentucky Teen USA titleholders (off the top of my head, this is the first time since 2006 that two are back), Katrina Giannini, Miss KY Teen USA 2007, who was 2RU in 2012 and Stephanie Jones, Miss KY Teen USA 2011 who is competing in Miss for the first time.

Stephanie’s first runner-up in 2011 Destin Kincer (also a Teen fourth runner-up in 2010) is back to compete in Miss.  There are two 2013 semi-finalists and two other semi-finalists from other years back.

Megan Kassama was Miss Kentucky County Fair in 2010.  The importance of this shouldn’t be overlooked - past Miss KY County Fair queens have included Tara Conner (2004, Miss KY USA 2006 & Miss USA), Maria Montgomery (2008, Miss KY USA 2010 & 4RU at Miss USA), Lori Mitchell (2000, Miss KY USA 2004), Jo Pritchard (1999, Miss KY USA 2001), Jolene Youngster (1995, Miss KY USA 2000) , Lori West (1994, Miss KY USA 1996) and Mitzi Jones (1992, Miss KY USA 1995)!

In Teen, it appears that the only returning contestant is Madelyn Carek, 3RU last year.  Of course because I don’t have lists from 2012 and 2013 I can’t note any past non-finalists. (update - I totally missed that winner Megan Ducharm was 1RU in 2013, as I was given the incorrect spelling of her name last year!)

Click “read more” to view the full list of contestants and notes of past placements.

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Miss Nevada USA & Teen USA 2014 contestant rundown!

UPDATE!  Congratulations to Nia Sanchez, Miss Nevada USA 2014 & Alexa Taylor, Miss Nevada Teen USA 2014!  Click their names to view their profiles.

Miss Nevada USA & Teen USA prelims and finals are being held on Sunday, with prelims in the afternoon and finals in the evening.  Contestants are posted here.  I’ll be posting photos and updates on my Facebook pageover the weekend (there are already photos of lead-up events!).

Super strong competition this year, with some returning NV contestants and a number who have previously competed in other states, including no less than six from California!  Nevada has long been attractive for girls who have moved there from other states (whether they competed in pageants or not), with original 2007 winner Katie Rees coming from Florida, 2008 winner Veronica Grabowski from Texas, 2011 winner Sarah Chapman from California, Miss NV USA 2012 Jade Kelsall from New Jersey and Miss NV USA 2013 Chelsea Caswell from Indiana via Missouri.  

There is one former Teen returning, Miss Nevada Teen USA 2007 Danielle Hashimoto.  There are two returning top five contestants from last year, 2RU Whitney Green (also a runner-up in 2010 & 2011) and 3RU Talyah Polee.  Returning semi-finalists are Jessica Davis and Chris Salas and from 2012, Felice Garcia.  2010 Teen first runner-up Cory Bradley is competing in Miss Nevada USA for the first time.

The California girls are 2012 fourth runner-up and three-time semi-finalist Brittany McGowan, 2010 second runner-up and two-time semi-finalist Nia Sanchez, 2012 semi-finalists Susan Romanishin and Cierra Jackson and non-finalist Alexis Rivera.

From Texas there is 2013 Miss TX USA semi-finalist and first runner-up at Miss Texas 2010 Jordan Johannsen and from Florida, Anastasia Pavlenko.

It’s wonderful to see such a great rise in Teen contestant numbers, given only a few years ago they were lucky to hit double digits!  Not surprisingly most of the contestants are new, although I’m disappointed not to see more of last year’s top five back as it was a really great group.  The returnees are Marilyn Kennedy, 3RU last year and 2RU in 2012, 2013 semi-finalist Kiara Bettis and 2013 non-finalist Mackenzie Zurcher. Should be a great competition though as there are lots of really stunning Teens!

Click “read more” for a full list of contestants and notes of past placements.

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Miss Arkansas USA & Teen USA contestant rundown!

UPDATE!  Congratulations to Helen Wisner, Miss Arkansas USA 2014 & Lauren Weaver, Miss Arkansas Teen USA 2014!  Click their names to view their profiles.

Miss Arkansas USA & Teen USA 2014 will be crowned on Sunday evening in Bentonville, Arkansas and there is a strong lineup of contestants!  For the moment, contestants can be seen on the Warriors for Ross People’s Choice voting site here -  don’t forget to vote for your favourite contestant and support a great cause! 

Returning contestants in the Miss division include last year’s first runner-up Helen Wisner and second runner-up Allison Kusenberger and fourth runner-up Kyndal Hayes.  Allison was  Miss Arkansas Teen USA 2009 and also third runner-up in 2012.  Kyndal previously competed in Tennessee, where she was a semi-finalist in 2011, third runner-up in Teen in 2010 and a semi-finalist in Teen in 2009.  The only other returning 2013 contestant is semi-finalist Amber Brewer.  2011 Teen second runner-up Morgan Miller, a semi-finalist in 2010 & 2009 and non-finalist in 2008, is competing in Miss for the first time.  Also moving up to the Miss division is Leah Blefko, first runner-up at Miss Kansas Teen USA 2012.  One notable newcomer is Adrianna Nelson, first runner-up at the Miss Texas (America) pageant in 2011 and 2012.

In Teen, 2013 and 2012 third runner-up Lauren Weaver is back, as well as 2013 fourth runner-up Makenzie Sexton.  2013 semi-finalists Haley Bird and Abby Marrin are back, andthere are three contestants who were semi-finalists in 2012 but non-finalists last year, which is quite unusual.

Just have to add I’m sad not to see Kayla DelSanto competing this year!  Kayla, please come back :)

Click “read more” after the photos below to view the full list of contestants with notes of past placements.  2014 contestants noted in bold.


2013 Miss top five - Helen Wisner (1RU), Allison Kusenberger (2RU), Hannah Billingsley, Kayla DelSanto (3RU), Kyndal Hayes (4RU)


2013 Teen top five - Makenzie Sexton (4RU), Lauren Weaver (3RU), Abby Floyd, Arynn Johnson (1RU), Brittany Smith (2RU)

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Miss Nebraska USA & Teen USA 2014 results!

Amanda Soltero is Miss Nebraska USA 2014 and Savannah Rave is Miss Nebraska Teen USA 2014!  

Amanda is only the second Miss Nebraska Teen USA titleholder to win Miss Nebraska USA and is the fifth 2010 Teen titleholder to win this year (tying the record from 2009).  Savannah made the top 10 last year and is the first titleholder who had previously competed at Miss NE Teen USA since 2004!

The Miss top five included the 2013 first runners-up from both the Miss & Teen divisions, Jane Rabe and Jennifer Monson respectively, former Teen titleholders Amanda (2010) and Sarah Hollins (2009) and Kiley Herold, sister of Miss Nebraska USA 2011.  Jennifer placed 1RU, Sarah 2RU, Jane 3RU and Kiley 4RU.

In Teen, the three 2013 returning contestants Savannah, Paige Lancaster, and Taylor Cooprider all made the top five.  Newcomer Lauren Brown placed 1RU, Paige was 2RU for the second year in a row, another newcomer Sydney Childers was 3RU and Taylor was 4RU.

Full results:

Miss Nebraska USA 2014 - Amanda Soltero (Miss Nebraska Teen USA 2010)
1RU: Jennifer Monson (1RU NE TUSA 13, 3RU MN TUSA 11)
2RU: Sarah Hollins (Miss Nebraska Teen USA 2009)
3RU: Jane Rabe (1RU 13, 2RU 12, T10 09)
4RU: Kiley Herold

Top 11:
Talia Jacik (SF 13)
Megan Foutch
Lauren Skelton (2RU WI TUSA 13, 1RU WI TUSA 12, 1RU WI USA 11)
Franque Thompson (SF 13)
Kaylee Carlberg (SF IA USA 12, 4RU 11, SF IA TUSA 10)
Ashley Wojtalewicz

Congeniality: Franque Thompson
Photogenic: Ashley Wojtalewicz


Amanda Soltero, Jennifer Monson, Sarah Hollins, Jane Rabe, Kiley Herold

Miss Nebraska Teen USA 2014 - Savannah Rave (SF 13)
1RU: Lauren Brown
2RU: Paige Thompson (2RU 13)
3RU: Sydney Childers
4RU: Taylor Cooprider (SF 13)

Top 8:
Cortny Surber 
Shelby Poskochil 
Jamie Wilhelm 

Congeniality: Cortny Surber 
Photogenic: Cortny Surber 


Savannah Rave, Lauren Brown, Paige Lancaster, Sydney Childers, Taylor Cooprider

Miss New Mexico USA & Teen USA 2014 results!

Kamryn Blackwood, competing in her first pageant, won Miss New Mexico USA 2014 on Saturday night, with 2013 second runner-up Aundria Littlejohn winning the Miss New Mexico Teen USA title!  New Mexico is always low on photos and information, but here are the top five results.

Miss New Mexico USA 2014 - Kamryn Blackwood 
1RU: Britana Campos (1RU 12)
2RU: Nicole Gomez
3RU: Angelica Calderon (T10 13)
4RU: Ashley Mora (4RU 12, 1RU NM TUSA 10, 3RU NM TUSA 07)

Congeniality: Kamryn Blackwood
Photogenic: Ashley Mora


Britana Campos (1RU), Angelica Calderon (3RU), Ashley Mora (4RU), Kamryn Blackwood (W), Nicole Gomez (2RU)

Miss New Mexico Teen USA 2014 - Auna Littlejohn 
1RU: Saryn Swanson
2RU: Ashley Fresquez (3RU NM TUSA 13)
3RU: Tracie Taylor
4RU: Allison Valdez (T10 NM TUSA 13)


Tracie Taylor (3RU), Auna Littlejohn (W), Ashley Fresquez (2RU), Saryn Swanson (1RU), Allison Valdez (4RU).

Congratulations to this weekend’s six new titleholders!
Cassandra Kunze Miss California USA 2014
Amanda Soltero Miss Nebraska USA 2014
Kamryn Blackwood Miss New Mexico USA 2014
Bianca Vierra Miss California Teen USA 2014
Savannah Rave Miss Nebraska Teen USA 2014
Aundria Littlejohn Miss NM Teen USA 2014
Click their names to view their profiles, which have many more photos.  More coverage can be found on my Facebook page.

Congratulations to this weekend’s six new titleholders!

Click their names to view their profiles, which have many more photos.  More coverage can be found on my Facebook page.

Miss California USA & Teen USA 2014 results

Cassandra Kunze is Miss California USA 2014 and Bianca Vierra is Miss California Teen USA 2014.   Click their names to view their profiles (which have more photos) and visit my Facebook page for other updates.

Both were competing in the USA system for the first time (other than local titles) but have other experience - they were both Miss Teenage California, and Bianca (2011) actually crowned Cassandra (2012)!  Bianca also won the Miss High School America 2012 title, reigning with Miss Collegiate America 2012 Haley O’Brien who is the current Miss Minnesota USA.

Cassandra is now 20 and Bianca is 18.  Bianca is the first Teen titleholder from northern California since 2007!

First runner-up in the Miss division was last year’s 3RU, and Cassandra’s local title “sister”, Miss Malibu Natasha Martinez (congratulations to Kristen Bradford).  Second runner-up was 2012 Miss US International Amanda Delgado (whose sister Emily made T10 in Teen); Miss California Teen USA 2011 Alexis Swanstrom placed 3RU (and was handed her flowers by her Teen first runner-up and outgoing Miss CA Teen USA Chloe Hatfield) and fourth runner-up was 2012 Teen semi-finalist Lauren York.  

In Teen, first runner-up was Miss Greater San Diego Gigi Gauthier, nearly making it four in a row for past Miss GSD Teen contestants (Alexis Swanstrom & Cassidy Wolf were past titleholders, Alexa Jones was a runner-up).  Second runner-up was newcomer Madison Day-Robinson, third runner-up was 2013 semi-finalist & 2012 second runner-up Toneata Morgan and fourth runner-up was newcomer Melanie Mitchell.

Full results:

Miss California USA 2014 - Cassandra Kunze 
1RU: Natasha Martinez (3RU 13, T10 11)
2RU: Amanda Delgado (Miss US International 12, NF 10, T10 CA TUSA 08)
3RU: Alexis Swanstrom (Miss California Teen USA 2011)
4RU: Lauren York (T10 CA TUSA 12)

Top 10:
Brittney Brown
Brittany Wagner  (NF 10, T10 CA TUSA 07)
Dia Davis (NF 13)
Shélynne Hoyt  (NF 12)
Elizabeth Cardillo (T10 13, T20 12)

Top 20:
Katie Bozner 
Tommy Lynn Calhoun (T20 13)
Brooklyn Bizzle 
Rowena Chop (T20 13)
Lindsay Becker  (4RU MN USA 13, 4RU MN USA 12, T20 CA USA 11, 2RU MN TUSA 09, 1RU MN TUSA 08, 1RU MN TUSA 07, 4RU MN TUSA 06) 
Alison Kim (T20 13)
Lauren Smolka 
Coco Hunter (T20 13, 3RU 11, NF 10)
Sierra Billock  (NF 11)
Yalda Safai 

Congeniality: Kristina Blum


Cassie Kunze, Natasha Martinez, Amanda Delgado, Alexis Swanstrom, Lauren York

Miss California Teen USA 2014 - Bianca Vierra 
1RU: Gigi Gauthier
2RU: Madison Day-Robinson 
3RU: Toneata Morgan (T10 13, 2RU 12)
4RU: Melanie Mitchell

Top 10:
Charli Burnett (2RU 13)
Savannah Ellison (T20 13)
Emily Delgado (NF 12)
Athenna Crosby (T20 13)
Taylor Nelson 

Top 20:
McKenzie Seagren 
Danielle Moye 
Courtney Critz  
Hailee Harris (T20 13)
Nadia Mejia (4RU 13, T20 12)
Susanna Wiggins 
Savannah Sinfield
Emma Reed
Caitlin Dahlin (T10 13)
Savannah Palacio (T20 13)

Congeniality: Tiffany Cooper


Bianca Vierra, Gigi Gauthier, Madison Day-Robinson, Toneata Morgan, Melanie Mitchell