Miss Illinois USA & Teen USA 2015 results!

Congratulations to Renee Wronecki, Miss Illinois USA 2015 and Megan Riesner, Miss Illinois Teen USA 2015!  Renee and Megan were crowned in separate pageants on the afternoon & evening of Labour Day.

Renee, who is 22 and from Burbank, was a non-finalist last year, a non-finalist in Miss Illinois Teen USA 2011 and a semi-finalist at Miss Illinois Teen USA 2010.  In 2010 she competed alongside her predecessor Lexi Atkins, Miss IL Teen USA 2011 Paige Higgerson and Miss Mississippi USA 2014 Chelsea Reardon.

Megan, an 18 year old from Plainfield, was a non-finalist at Miss Illinois Teen USA 2013 but did not compete last year.

First runner-up in Miss was Gina Melchiorri, third runner-up in Iowa in 2014 & 2013, second runner-up was Ashley Reid, who was a semi-finalist the past three years, third runner-up was Gemma Berto, a 2014 semi-finalist, and fourth runner-up was Gabriella Roth, non-finalist last year.

In Teen, Kaitlyn Baughman was first runner-up (semi-finalist in 2014, non-finalist 2013), Caroline Campbell (semi-finalist 2013) was second runner-up, newcomer Julia Szumny was third runner-up and 2014 semi-finalist Madison Mueller was fourth runner-up.

This was the first year that Vanbros produced the Illinois pageant and it was a great show!  Thanks to the Vannattas for helping me out with webcast access :)


Full results:

Miss Illinois USA 2015 - Renee Wronecki (NF 14, NF IL TUSA 11, SF IL TUSA 10)
1RU: Gina Melchiorri (3RU IA USA 14, 3RU IA USA 13)
2RU: Ashley Reid (SF 14, SF 13, SF 12, NF 11) 
3RU: Gemma Berto (SF 14, NF 13)
4RU: Gabriella Roth (NF 14) 

Rayni Lasley 
Elizabeth Vernon  
Gabriella Lock  
Christy Praljak 
Alina Pazniak
Nicole Tuquilar 
Shay Mayweather 
Kruti Dave 
Brittany Moore
Amanda Signorelli 
Cydney Wiggs

Congeniality: Shay Mayweather
Photogenic: Dominique Jones
People’s Choice: Nicole Tuquilar
Contestant’s Choice: Gina Melchiorri
Swimsuit: Rayni Lasley
Gown: Renee Wronecki
Interview: Gina Melchiorri


Renee Wronecki, Gina Melchiorri, Ashley Reid, Gemma Berto, Gabriella Roth

Miss Illinois Teen USA 2015 - Megan Riesner (NF 13)
1RU: Kaitlyn Baughman (SF 14, NF 13)
2RU: Caroline Campbell (SF 13) 
3RU: Julia Szumny
4RU: Madison Mueller (SF 14) 

Dayanna Barrera 
Amber Campen
Hailey Corcoran  

Emily Deichmann (SF 14) 
Lexy Lyman 

Kaitlyn Manion 
Katelyn Mernack 
Caroline Sipiera  
Courtney Shotton (SF 14)

Emily Stewart
Claudia VanOpdorp

Congeniality: Emily Deichmann
Photogenic:  Haley Heeg
People’s Choice: Hailey Corcoran 
Swimsuit: Kaitlyn Baughman
Gown: Caroline Campbell
Interview: Alexis Caraballo


Megan Riesner, Kaitlyn Baughman, Caroline Campbell, Julia Szumny, Madison Mueller

Miss Texas USA 2015 results!

Miss Texas USA 2015 is Ylianna Guerra, the first titleholder from the Rio Grande Valley since the 1960s!  Ylianna placed second runner-up last year and was a semi-finalist in 2012.  She also won the Miss Photogenic award.

Three of the 2014 runners-up made top five again: Ylianna, first runner-up Alejandra Gonzalez, 4RU last year and Peyton Saverance, 3RU last year.  This is the first time three of the previous year’s runners-up made the top five since 2005 (when all four runners-up made top five!).   The other two runners-up this year were Brianna Webb (second runner-up) and Logan Lester (third runner-up).  Brianna, Logan and semi-finalist Chaney Shadrock were all semi-finalists at Miss Texas Teen USA 2011.  Congratulations to Logan for making top five her first year competing in Miss!  This was the third year in a row that there were no blondes in the top five!

The rest of the top 18 included past semi-finalists Kenda Carroll, Ligia De Uriarte, Christina Entsminger, Alex NiniMelissa NovakAndrea Foxand Victoria Sinclair and 2013 & 2014 first runner-up Jordan Schultz.  Others in the top 18 were 2013 Teen first runner-up Ciara Jasso and 2013 Iowa semi-finalist Lauren Kennewell.  The only newbies to make the cut were Danielle Bosley and Katie Sicula.

Full results:

Miss Texas USA 2015 - Ylianna Guerra (2RU 14, SF 12)
1RU: Alejandra Gonzalez (4RU 14, SF 13, NF 12, NF TX TUSA 11
2RU: Brianna Webb (SF 14, NF 13, SF TX TUSA 11) 
3RU: Logan Lester (SF TX TUSA 13, 4RU 12, SF 11)
4RU: Peyton Saverance (3RU 14, SF 13, NF 12, NF 11, NF 10, NF 09, NF 08, NF TX TUSA 06)

Danielle Bosley
Kenda Carroll (SF 14, NF 13)
Ligia De Uriarte (SF 14)
Christina Entsminger (SF 14, SF 13, T15 12, T15 11, NF 10, NF TX TUSA 08, NF TX TUSA 07)
Andrea Fox (SF 13, NF 12)
Lauren Kennewell (SF IA USA 13)
Ciara Jasso (1RU TX TUSA 13, SF 12)
Alexandra Nini (SF 13, SF TX TUSA 09, NF TX TUSA 08)
Melissa Novak (SF 14, NF TX TUSA 11, NF TX TUSA 10)
Jordan Schultz (1RU 14, 1RU 13, 1RU TN USA 11)
Chaney Shadrock (NF 14, NF 13, SF TX TUSA 11)
Katie Sicula 
Victoria Sinclair (SF 14) 

Congeniality: Taylor Harmon
Photogenic: Ylianna Guerra
Swimsuit: Logan Lester

Ylianna Guerra, Alejandra Gonzalez, Brianna Webb, Logan Lester, Peyton Saverance

Miss Illinois USA & Teen USA 2015 contestant rundown!

Update! Congratulations to Renee Wronecki, the new Miss Illinois USA 2015!  Renee’s profile is up here, and there’s more coverage on my Facebook page.  Read the full results & analysis here.

Miss Illinois USA & Teen USA 2015 will be crowned on Labour Day - the pageant is being held a few months earlier than usual this year!  This is the first year that Vanbros will be directing Illinois, their sixth state.  The new Miss Illinois USA will be the third 2015 titleholder crowned (one day after Texas) whilst their Teen will be the first.  You can see all the contestant photos here.

Miss Illinois USA

There are actually very few returning contestants this year - no former Illinois USA runners-up are back although 2011’s Teen 2RU Katie Cunningham is competing.  There are two Miss runners-up from other states competing in Illinois this year: Gina Melchiorri, 3RU in Iowa in 2014 & 2013 and Amanda Signorelli, 3RU in Missouri in 2013 & 3RU at Miss Nevada Teen USA 2009.  Miss Iowa Teen USA 2008 Emily Bey is also back - she was a non-finalist at Miss Illinois USA 2013.   You can read my interview with Gina here.

Past semi-finalists include Ashley Reid, Hannah Butler and Gemma Berto (2014), Rayni Lasley (2013) and Quini Amma (2012).  Also among the contestants is Renee Wronecki who was a Teen semi-finalist in 2010, competing alongside current Miss Illinois USA Lexi Atkins and Miss Mississippi USA Chelsea Reardon and Miss Illinois Teen USA 2011 Paige Higgerson


Katie Cunningham, Gina Melchiorri, Amanda Signorelli, Emily Bey, Ashley Reid, Hannah Butler, Gemma Berto, Rayni Lasley, Quini Amma

Miss Illinois Teen USA

Among the Teen contestants is Jodie Juris, sister of Stacie Juris, Miss Illinois Teen USA 2009 & Miss Illinois USA 2013.  Last year’s fourth runner-up Hannah Cohn is back, as are six semi-finalists: Katelyn Baughman (last year’s Teen Photogenic winner), Emily DeichmannMadeline FlynnEmily Lymberopoulos,  Madison Mueller and Alexia Vigue and Caroline Campbell, a semi-finalist in 2013.One newbie who caught my eye is Allison Caulk… would love to hear what other newbies you think will do well this year!


Jodie Juris, Hannah Cohn, Katelyn Baughman, Emily Deichmann, Madeline Flynn, Emily Lymberopoulos, Madison Mueller, Alexia Vigue, Allison Caulk

Click “read more” to view the full lists of Miss & Teen contestants and notes of their past placements (FYI - unfortunately I never saved the list of 2014 contestants so I haven’t been able to note any non-finalists from last year)

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Miss Texas USA 2015 contestant rundown!

Update! Congratulations to Ylianna Guerra, the new Miss Texas USA 2015!  Ylianna’s profile is up here, and there’s more coverage on my Facebook page.  Read the full results & analysis here.

At long last here is the contestant rundown for Miss Texas USA 2015 - prelims are on 30 August and finals on the 31st so there’s just a little over 10 days to go!!!!  As always with Texas there’s many returning runners-up (in fact all from 2014 are back, including some recent Teen runners-up) as well as a few other contestants with a long list of past experience - although I can’t help thinking this group doesn’t quite have the depth of experience of some past Texas years???  Let me know what you think!

For many years Texas gained a reputation for only crowning girls who had “paid their dues”, having competed for a number of years, often making runner-up positions a number of times (although Kandace Krueger was a non-finalist for a number of years & had not placed before she won Miss Texas USA then Miss USA!).  This trend has shifted in the 2010s with newbies Kelsey Moore and Brittany Booker winning in 2010 & 2012 respectively; and Miss Texas USA 2013 Ali Nugent had only competed once (non-finalist in 2012) before she won.  If the recent trend continues this is anyone’s game!

Let’s get into it!   FYI when I mention years I’m talking about their title years not the actual year of competition (i.e. when I talk about “2014” I’m talking about the pageant held last year in 2013).  In the lead up to the pageant I have interviewed Jordan Schultz, Tahnae Tarkenton and Logan Lester - links to their interviews are below.

Recent runners-up (Miss & Teen) - my notes here aren’t necessarily all their past placements, check out the full listings at the end:

  • Jordan Schultz - 1RU 2014, 1RU 13, 1RU Miss TN USA 11 (read her interview)
  • Ylianna Guerra - 2RU 2014, SF 12
  • Peyton Saverance - 3RU last year, has been competing since 2006
  • Alejandra Gonzalez - 4RU 2014, SF 13, NF 11, NF Teen 10
  • Ciara Jasso - 1RU in Teen 2013 (current Miss OK USA Brooklynne Young was 4RU that year!)
  • Alayah Benavidez - 2RU in Teen last year
  • Logan Lester - 4RU in Teen in 2012, this is her first year in Miss (read her interview)


Miss Texas USA 2014 top 5 - Peyton Saverance (3RU), Jordan Schultz (1RU), Lauren Guzman, Ylianna Guerra (2RU), Alejandra Gonzalez (4RU)


Miss Texas Teen USA 2014 Top 5 - Angelika Gorecki (4RU), Alayah Benavidez (2RU), Kellie Stewart, Lanie McAlpin (1RU), Kimberly Jester (3RU)


Miss Texas Teen USA 2013 - Brooklynne Young (4RU), Tiffany Faul (2RU), Daniella Rodriguez, Ciara Jasso (1RU), Kaitlyn Phillips (3RU)

Others to watch for:

  • Tahnae Tarkenton - 4RU 2009, has been competing since Teen in 2005 (read her interview)
  • Christina Entsminger - semi-finalist the past four years, non-finalist in 2010 & non-finalist in Teen in 2007 & 2008.
  • Lauren Adkins - returned to Texas last year after a number of years competing in NY where her highest placement was 4RU in 2010.  Didn’t make the cut last year but that doesn’t mean she won’t break through this year!
  • Kenda Carroll - current Miss Kemah USA, 2014 swimsuit winner (& semi-finalist) 
  • Melissa Novak (Miss Austin USA), Brianna Webb, Victoria Sinclair (Miss El Paso USA), Ligia De Uriarte (Miss Houston USA), Kourtney Magnes, 2014 semi-finalists
  • Alexandra Nini  & Andrea Fox - 2013 semi-finalists
  • Lauren Kennewell - current Miss Dallas USA (the Dallas org is on fire lately!), hasn’t competed in Texas before but was a SF in Iowa in 2013.
  • Victoria Nugent - sister of Miss Texas USA 2013 Ali Nugent
  • Haley Spathias - 4RU in Miss Arkansas Teen USA 2012, SF in Texas in 2011.
  • Hannah Uhlig - 2RU in Miss Virginia Teen USA 2010


Click “read more”  to view the full list with all past placements:

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Miss Florida USA 2015 results!

Miss Florida USA 2015 is first-time contestant Ashleigh Lollie!  Ashleigh is from Grand Ridge, northwest of Tallahassee, and is the first Panhandle titleholder since 2006.  Ashleigh also won Miss Photogenic - the first Miss Photogenic winner to win Miss Florida USA since Angelia Savage in 1997!

Only one of the many returning runners-up made it to the top five, with 2014 third runner-up Kailyn Perez placing first runner-up.  Second runner-up was Jessica Voight, a semi-finalist last year and third and fourth runners-up Lacey Morgan & Heather Martin were both competing for the first time.

In many respects this was a surprise top five, which few people watching the pageant predicted.  Left in the top 16 were three of last year’s runners-up: Linette De Los Santos, three-time runner-up Brie Gabrielle and two-time runner-up Melissa Ramirez.  Quite a few shocks - I thought for sure Brie & Melissa, along with Pageant Update interviewee Mel Ziegler would make it through.  Congratulations to past non-finalists Natalie Carbonell & Ana Perez for breaking into the semi-finals for the first time.  

Florida often years some amazing contestants out of the top 16 and this year was no different. I was particularly surprised that Rachel Stacy and Anh Do did not make the top 15, along with Valetina Esquivel and Elise Lobb.


Miss Florida USA 2015 - Ashleigh Lollie 
1RU: Kailyn Perez (3RU 14)
2RU: Jessica Voigt (SF 14)
3RU: Lacey Morgan
4RU: Heather Martin

Natalie Carbonell (NF 12)
Melissa Ramirez (4RU 14, 1RU 12, NF  FL TUSA 10))
Brianna Esteves
LInette De Los Santos (2RU 14, NF 13)
Melissa Ziegler
Sarah Rogers  (SF FL TUSA 14)
Marissa Danish (4RU 12)
Celine Pelofi 
Ana Perez (NF 13)
Brittany Lugo (SF 14, NF 13)
Brie Gabrielle (1RU 14, 2RU CA USA 13, 1RU CA USA 12, T10 CA TUSA 07, T10 CA TUSA 06)

Miss Amity: Crystal Stephens
Miss Photogenic: Ashleigh Lollie


Ashleigh Lollie, Kailyn Perez, Jessica Voight, Lacey Morgan, Heather Martin

Ashleigh Lollie, who competed as Miss Emerald Coast USA, is Miss Florida USA 2015!  She is 23 and from Grand Ridge, a small town northwest of Tallahassee.  Ashleigh is the first winner from the Florida panhandle since Cristin Duren in 2006!  She was competing for the first time and also won the Miss Photogenic award.  There are more photos of the competition and full results on my Facebook page (click the link).

Ashleigh Lollie, who competed as Miss Emerald Coast USA, is Miss Florida USA 2015!  She is 23 and from Grand Ridge, a small town northwest of Tallahassee.  Ashleigh is the first winner from the Florida panhandle since Cristin Duren in 2006!  She was competing for the first time and also won the Miss Photogenic award.  There are more photos of the competition and full results on my Facebook page (click the link).

Miss Florida USA 2015 will be crowned July 12!

Every year between Miss USA and Miss Teen USA the state pageant season kicks off in the Sunshine State!  This year the state pageant finals are July 12.

Before we get on to the contestants I want to send my congratulations to Brittany Oldehoff for bringing Florida their first top five placement since 2006!  Brittany was very much a fan favourite throughout her year as Miss Florida USA and represented her state with style.  


You can see all the contestant headshots here.  One thing I always notice with FL is they have a very high retention rate, with many returning contestants who have been runners-up, semi-finalists and non-finalists previously.  This year there are 70 contestants, similar numbers to last year.  There are no former Teens competing but this is truly a battle of the former runners-up with all four of last year’s back as well as one from 2012 and a number of past Teen runners-up too!  There are also a couple of contestants who have competed in VA in the past and one from Massachusetts.

Girls to look out for (this is just their significant placements, for a full list hit “read more” at the end of this post):

  • Brie Gabrielle - 1RU ‘14, 2RU CA USA ‘13, 1RU CA USA ‘12 (click here to read my interview with Brie!)
  • Linette De Los Santos - 2RU ‘14
  • Kailyn Perez - 3RU ‘14
  • Melissa Ramirez - 4RU ‘14, 1RU ‘12
  • Connor Boss - 4RU ‘13, 2RU FL Teen USA ‘12, other NF placements
  • Marissa Danish - 4RU ‘12 - barely recognised her with the long hair, what a transformation!
  • Elise Lobb - 4RU FL TUSA ‘13
  • Anh Do - 4RU FL TUSA ‘09
  • Christina Nicholson - 4RU VA TUSA ‘08
  • Rachel Stacy SF VA USA ‘14, SF VA USA ‘13 - should have made top 5 by now in my opinion ;)
  • Jessica Voigt - SF ‘14, looks to have improved hugely since then as well
  • Melissa Ziegler - newbie who caught my eye
  • Taisha-Monet Smellie - past Miss Bahamas Universe contestant 


Brie Gabrielle, Linette De Los Santos, Kailyn Perez, Melissa Ramirez, Connor Boss, Marissa Danish, Elise Lobb, Anh Do, Christina Nicholson, Rachel Stacy, Jessica Voigt, Melissa Ziegler

This year the pageant will be hosted by Miss USA 2004 Susie Castillo and Miss USA 2004 Shandi Finnessy with assistance from Miss Florida USA 2010 Megan Clementi and Miss Florida USA 2014 Brittany Oldehoff which is exciting!

For the full list of contestants & past placements hit “read more”:

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