Miss Washington USA & Teen USA 2015 results recap!

Yet again the Washington titles have gone to two newbies, with McKenzi Novell capturing the Miss Washington USA 2015 title and Priya Gopal-Walker winning Miss Washington Teen USA 2015!  McKenzi is the second winner in a row from Spokane, which is impressive considering last year’s titleholder Allyson was the first winner from eastern Washington in a decade.  

First runner-up in Miss, for the second consecutive year, was Maeloni Ogle.  The other three runner-up spots all went to newcomers as well, with Ina KemptonKathleen Boyle and Gelly Lirio finishing second to fourth runners-up respectively.  Past runners-up Evelyn Clark and Demetra Coyer were among this year’s semi-finalists.

With all but two of the Teen contestants competing for the first time, the entire top five this year were new.  First runner-up went to Taylor DiLeonardo, second runner-up to Brooke Williams, third runner-up was Cheyenne Garcia and fourth runner-up was Noelle Tapang.

Full results:

Miss Washington USA 2015 - McKenzi Novell
1RU: Maeloni Ogle (1RU 14, 3RU WA TUSA 13)
2RU: Ina Kempton 
3RU: Kathleen Boyle
4RU: Geraldine (Gelly) Lirio

Lauren Blier (3RU WA TUSA 06)
Evelyn Clark  (4RU 14, 4RU 13, 3RU 12, SF WA TUSA 10, 3RU WA TUSA 09)
Demetra Coyer (SF 14, 3RU 13, SF 12, NF 11)
Alexandria Henderson
Melanie Herring 
Lianne Hodgson 
Chantel Jones 
Carly Kennedy Davis 

Blair Knick 
Shelby Meader (NF 14, SF 14) 
Courtney Peebles (NF 12, NF 11)
Gen Saechao (NF 14)
Kelsey Schmidt  (SF 14)
Chael Stenchever
Danae VerMulm

McKenzi Novell, Maeloni Ogle, Ina Kempton, Kathleen Boyle, Gelly Lirio

Miss Washington Teen USA 2015 - Priya Gopal-Walker
1RU: Taylor DiLeonardo
2RU: Brooke Williams 
3RU: Cheyanne Garcia
4RU: Noelle Tapang

Katie Parks 
Kasey Hobson 
Hailey Sturgill (NF 12) 
Anna Gleichman 
Taylor Johnson 
Hannah Lane
Taylor Mann 
Julia Solomon 
Brielle Black
Meghal Sheth 
Ellyanna Barnes

Congeniality: Hannah Lane
Photogenic: Meghal Sheth

Priya Gopal-Walker, Taylor DiLeonardo, Brooke Williams, Cheyenne Garcia, Noelle Tapang

Miss New Jersey USA & Teen USA results recap!

Congratulations to Vanessa Oriolo, Miss New Jersey USA 2015 and Jacqueline Giancola, Miss New Jersey Teen USA 2015!  Click their names to view their profiles, with plenty of pageant photos.  

Both winners are experienced, Vanessa was a Teen semi-finalist in 2011 & 2012 and Miss semi-finalist in 2013 & 2014, and Jacqueline was fourth runner-up in 2013 and third runner-up last year.  Jacqueline is the first returning runner-up to win Miss NJ Teen USA since 2004!

Despite many people thinking this might finally be the year a blonde won New Jersey (only one has won in the past 15 years!) they were all shut out of the top five, with an all-brunette top five this year.  First runner-up was newcomer Vanessa Contreras, second runner-up was Lea Manalo, who was also a semi-finalist in 2013 & 2014, third runner-up was Carissa Palumbo, last year’s 2RU and fourth runner-up was 2014 Teen 1RU Alexandra Lakhman.  The high standard of competition this year meant that there were 20 semi-finalists and two-time runners-up Victoria Virgo and Jessielyn Palumbo missed the top five, as did last year’s first runner-up Katherine Gaal.

Newcomer Shannon Thaler took 1st runner-up in Teen, second runner-up, for the second year in a row, was Lauren O’Brien, and newbies Gina Mellish and Chhavi Verg were third runner-up and fourth runner-up respectively.

Full results:

Miss New Jersey USA 2015 - Vanessa Oriolo (SF 14, SF 13, SF NJ TUSA 12, SF NJ TUSA 11)
1RU: Vanessa Contreras
2RU: Lea Manalo (SF 14, SF 13)
3RU: Carissa Palumbo (2RU 14, SF 11, NF 10, 1RU NJ TUSA 09) 
4RU: Alexandra Lakhman (1RU NJ TUSA 14)

Karina Ramirez 
Camila De Souza  (NF NJ TUSA 11, NF 10, NF 09)
Victoria Leonardo  (SF 14)
Kendall Zoppa  (SF 14)
Shelby Ellerth 
AliciaMarie Blanks  (NF 14, NF 13, NF NJ TUSA 09) 
Jessielyn Palumbo  (3RU 13, 3RU 12, 1RU NJ TUSA 11, 3RU NJ TUSA 10)
Katherine Gaal  (1RU 14)
Jordan Rector  (SF 14, NF IA USA 12, NF IA USA 10, NF 09)
Angie Abdelrehim (NF 13)
Victoria Virgo (3RU 14, 2RU 13, NF 12)
Savannah Schecter  (Miss NJ Teen USA 2011)
Ora Kemp  (NF 14, SF 13, NF KS USA 09, NF KS USA 08)
Kiana Harris  (NF 14, NF 13, NF 10, NF 09)
Serene Naduparambil 

Congeniality: Katherine Gaal
Photogenic: Carissa Palumbo


Vanessa Oriolo, Vanessa Contreras, Lea Manalo, Carissa Palumbo, Alexandra Lakhman

Miss New Jersey USA 2015 - Jacqueline Giancola (3RU 14, 4RU 13)
1RU: Shannon Thaler
2RU: Lauren O’Brien (2RU 14) 
3RU: Gina Mellish
4RU: Chhavi Verg

Chioma Ikpe
Dominique D’Angelo (NF 14, 3RU 13, NF 12)
Isabelle Varga (SF 14, NF 13)
Micaela Semanchik
Jessica da Cunha 
Katherine Campbell
Tiana Anton 
Jadea Ross 
Gia Fontana (SF 14)
Melanie Michael 
Shannon Hannah 


Jacqueline Giancola, Shannon Thaler, Lauren O’Brien, Gina Mellish, Chhavi Verg

Miss West Virginia USA & Teen USA results recap!

Andrea Mucino is the new Miss West Virginia USA 2015 and Cora King is Miss West Virginia Teen USA 2015!  Both were competing for the first time.  Andrea is 23 and from Morgantown and Cora is 16, from Hurricane.

Cora King and Andrea Mucino

The Miss division had an all-brunette top five this year!  First runner-up was Nichole Green, second runner-up Marlisa Lake, third runner-up Dominique Collins, who was 3RU in last year’s Teen pageant as well, and fourth runner-up was Francesca Yazbek.  Nichole, Marlisa and Francesca were all competing for the first time.  Miss West Virginia 2013 Miranda Harrison surprisingly missed the top 10.

In Teen, first runner-up went to Maggie Bonar, second runner-up to Sarah Miranda, third runner-up to former Miss WV’s Outstanding Teen, and 2014 semi-finalist Isabel Raese, and fourth runner-up to Katie Riedel.

Full results:

Miss West Virginia USA 2015 - Andrea Mucino 
1RU: Nichole Greene
2RU: Marlisa Lake
3RU: Dominique Collins (3RU WV TUSA 14, NF 13)
4RU: Francesca Yazbek

Gabrielle Ash (SF 14)
Torie Bosley 
Hannah McComas (NF 14, SF 13)
Ashlyn Parrish 
Carly Stover

Andrea Mucino, Nichole Green, Marlisa Lake, Dominique Collins, Francesca Yazbek 

Miss West Virginia Teen USA 2015 - Cora King 
1RU: Maggie Bonar
2RU: Sarah Miranda
3RU: Isabel Raese (SF 14, Miss WV’s Outstanding Teen 2011)
4RU: Katie Riedel

Laura DeCosta 
Emily Giordano 
Miranda Kalaskey (NF 14)
Morgan Smith (SF 14, NF 13)
Cassy Trickett 

Cora King, Maggie Bonar, Sarah Miranda, Isabelle Raese, Katie Riedel

Miss New Jersey USA & Teen USA 2015 contestants!

Miss New Jersey USA & Teen USA 2015 will be crowned on Sunday, with Teen finals at 2pm EST and Miss finals at 6pm.  Contestant photos can be seen here.  As has become the norm for NJ, there are over 100 Miss contestants!  Outgoing titleholders Emily Shah  and Valentina Sanchez made history as the first New Jersey duo to place at both Miss USA & Teen USA in the same year and it looks like this year’s strong group of contestants is well placed to continue their legacy.

Miss New Jersey Teen USA 2011  Savannah Schechter is the only former Teen titleholder in this year’s competition.There are three 2014 runners-up back: Katherine Gaal (1RU), Carissa Palumbo (2RU) and Victoria Virgo (3RU).   Past semi-finalists competing this year are Ora KempJordan RectorLea ManaloVanessa Oriolo, Stephanie Rozalski and Kendall Zoppa.

Outgoing Miss NJ USA Emily, the youngest titleholder crowned in over 20 years, was 1RU in the 2013 Teen pageant.  It seems fitting that there are four other Teen first runners-up competing for her title!  Most recent is Alexandra Lakhman, 1RU in Teen last year, then Jessielynn Palumbo, 1RU in 2011, Samantha Levy, 1RU in 2010 and Jessielynn’s sister Carissa, 1RU in 2009.  At least one of the Palumbo sisters has competed every year since 2009, but they have never competed against each other in the same division until this year.

There are three returning Teen runners-up this year, Lauren O’Brien (2RU 14, Jacqueline Giancola (3RU 14, 4RU 13) and Dominique D’Angelo (3RU 13).  

2014 Miss top five - Carissa Palumbo (2RU), Sherri-Nicole McClendon (4RU),Emily Shah, Katherine Gaal (1RU), Victoria Virgo (3RU)

2014 Teen top five - Jacqueline Giancola (3RU), Alexandra Lakhman (1RU),Valentina Sanchez, Lauren O’Brien (2RU), Rachel Mahalow (4RU)

Click “read more” to view the full list of contestants and notes of past placements.

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Miss Washington USA & Teen USA 2015 contestant rundown!

Miss Washington USA & Teen USA 2015 are crowned on Sunday afternoon with the pageant starting at 2pm local time.  This year there are 116 contestants across Teen and Miss, their largest pageant ever.  

The 76 Miss contestants is one more than last year and still impressive considering Washington’s numbers were in the 20-30 range between 2007-2013.  There are 40 Teen contestants, 11 more than last year and their highest number since 2007.

One fascinating thing with Washington is it is the only state that has yet to crown a former Teen titleholder and they very rarely crown winners that have past experience - in fact according to the records I have only three of their winners since 2000 had competed before: Amy Crawford in 2005, Michelle Font in 2008 & Cassandra Searles in 2013.  

This year there are three returning Miss runners-up: Maeloni Ogle, 1RU last year & 3RU in Teen in 2013, Evelyn Clark, 4RU in 2014 & 2013 and 3RU in Teen in 2009 and Demetra Coyer, 3RU in 2013.  Returning semi-finalists are Breanna Stewart (2013, 2014), Arianna Barrio (2012), Kelsey Schmidt (2014), and Stormy Keffeler (2014.

In Teen it is a very different story, with only two returning contestants out of 40!  The only past semi-finalist is Alena Smallwood (2014).

Click “read more” for the full list of contestants with notes of past placements.

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Miss Iowa USA & Teen USA 2015 results recap

Miss Iowa USA 2015 is Taylor Even and Miss Iowa Teen USA 2015 is Aryn Book!  Both were just crowned this afternoon.  Taylor is 21, from Jesup and Aryn is 18 and from Adel.  Both had been a runner-up twice before: Taylor was 2RU in both 2012 & 2013, Aryn was 1RU in 2013 and 3RU last year.

Taylor and Aryn celebrate their wins.  Photo by Michael Solberg.

First runner-up in the Miss division was last year’s 2RU Alissa Morrison.  Second runner-up was newcomer Kelsey Weier, third runner-up was Nicole Sikkema, who returned to the top five after two years, and fourth runner-up was Lindsay Trappen, who had previously been a Teen semi-finalist in Minnesota.

In Teen, first runner-up was former Miss Iowa’s Outstanding Teen Savannah Necker.  Second runner-up was Hannah Bockhaus, who was competing for the first time, third runner-up was Annie Moore, who was 2RU last year and fourth runner-up was newbie Baylee Drezek.

Full results:

Miss Iowa USA 2015 - Taylor Even (2RU 13, 2RU 12)
1RU: Alissa Morrison (2RU 14, SF 13, SF 12)
2RU: Kelsey Weier
3RU: Nicole Sikkema (SF 14, NF 13, 4RU 12, SF 11)
4RU: Lindsay Trappen (SF MN TUSA 12)

McKenna Thatcher 
Tarron Hansen  (4RU IA TUSA 12)
Isabella Blaine  (SF 12)
Kara Sebetka  (SF 13)
English Fiscus  (SF 13, NF 12, SF 11, SF 10)
Alicia Ney 
Jordan Foster  (SF 14)
Heather Swanson  (NF 14)
Kirstie Stallman  (NF 14)
Krista Kolegraff (SF 14)

Congeniality: Zeinab Asghari 
Photogenic: Jenny Valliere

Taylor Even, Alissa Morrison, Kelsey Weier, Nicole Sikkema, Lindsay Trappen

Miss Iowa Teen USA 2015 - Aryn Book (3RU 14, 1RU 13)
1RU: Savannah Necker (Miss Iowa’s Outstanding Teen 2012)
2RU: Hannah Bockhaus
3RU: Annie Moore (2RU 14)
4RU: Baylee Drezek

Mariah Kooyman 
Jarika Eisentrager  (SF 14)
Carli Grau 
Martina Hoogland 
Brina Bily  (NF 14)
Tayler Winn 
Vanessa Schmeizer 
Paige Tracey  (NF 14)
Caitlyn Jensen  (SF 14)
Yvonne San Elias

Congeniality: Miah Berka 
Photogenic: Hannah Bockhaus

Aryn Book, Savannah Necker, Hannah Bockhaus, Annie Moore, Baylee Drezek

Miss North Carolina USA & Teen USA 2015 results recap

Congratulations to Miss North Carolina USA 2015 Julia Dalton and Miss NC Teen USA 2015 Jane Axhoj!!! (pronounced Axhoy)  It was so much fun to watch them win thanks to RPM & the Pageant Vision webcast, you really do get a different sense of the competition when you can see the girls on stage.

Julia was Miss North Carolina Teen USA 2008 and second runner-up at Miss Teen USA 2008.  She is the second Miss Teen USA 2008 contestant to win Miss NC USA, after Sydney Perry, Miss VT Teen USA 2008, who won the 2012 and coincidentally was co-hosting tonight.  Julia is the first former NC Teen USA to win Miss NC USA since Erin O’Kelley, 2001’s Teen, in 2007.  She is the third Miss NC USA winner in her family, following her mother Jeannie and sister Kristen, who was also Miss USA 2009.  Julia placed second runner-up to Olivia Olvera last year and is the first winner in a decade who had placed in the top five in Miss NC USA before winning.  So far Julia is the fourth former Teen crowned for 2015.

Jane was also second runner-up last year and is the first Teen winner who had been a runner-up previously since Julia won Teen in 2008! (Julia was 3RU in the 2007 pageant).

For the second consecutive year, Renee Burrows finished first runner-up.  Second runner-up was Cassie Bunner, who was a non-finalist last year!  Third runner-up was past Teen runner-up Devin Gant and fourth runner-up was 2013 top ten finisher Morgan Evans.  Scroll down for the complete listing of results, I will say I was super surprised that Lindsey Baker didn’t advance to the top ten and that Victoria Vesce didn’t make top five!  Kudos to Victoria for calm under pressure, they had two Siberian huskies on stage during the evening gown competition and one decided to wander off as Victoria was walking in evening gown! 

In Teen, first runner-up went to newcomer Emily Wakeman who, mark my words, will be a future Miss NC Teen USA! (just hoping she hasn’t aged out).  Second runner-up was Eliza Cox, who was top 10 in South Carolina last year, third runner-up went to newcomer Kaitryana Leinbach, whose sister has competed previously in Miss, and fourth runner-up went to 2014 3RU Ashleigh Lenoir.  I thought this was an excellent top five, but I would have put top 15 finisher Abrianna Zorzi into the top ten, I loved her!

Julia & Jane celebrate their wins.

Full results:

Miss North Carolina USA 2015 - Julia Dalton (2RU 14, Miss NC Teen USA 2008, 3RU NC TUSA 07)
1RU: Renee Burrows (1RU 14, T10 13)
2RU: Cassie Bunner (NF 14, SF WV USA 11)
3RU: Devin Gant (3RU NC TUSA 11)
4RU: Morgan Evans (T10 13)

Top 10:
Logan Ward 
Victoria Vesce (NF 13, 3RU NC TUSA 12, T15 11)
Martika Rush  (T10 14)
Johna Edmonds  (Miss North Carolina 2013)
Mary Helen Moore

Top 15:
Jessica Lucas (NF 14, T10 NC TUSA 13, T15 12, NF 11)
Lindsey Baker  (T10 14, 1RU NC TUSA 12, 2RU 11, T15 10)
Erika Turner  (T10 14, T15 13, T10 NC TUSA 09)
Arlene Grady (NF 13)
Brittany Pierce 

Congeniality: Brittany Pierce
Photogenic: Victoria Vesce
Swimsuit: Devin Gant 

Julia Dalton, Renee Burrows, Cassie Bunner, Devin Gant, Morgan Lucas 

Miss North Carolina Teen USA 2015 - Jane Axhoj (2RU 14)
1RU: Emily Wakeman
2RU: Eliza Cox (T10 SC TUSA 14)
3RU: Kaitryana Leinbach
4RU: Ashleigh Lenoir (3RU 14, T15 13)

Top 10:
Anna Miller
Taylor Bridges  (T10 14)
Selena Price (T10 14, T10 13)
Maggie Miller  
Erica Miller

Top 15:
Ciera Dumas 
Alexis Travis 
Alexis Lutz 
Abrianna Zorzi  
Megan Frick

Congeniality: Gabrielle Johnson
Photogenic: Ashleigh Lenoir
Swimsuit: Taylor Bridges

Jane Axhoj, Emily Wakeman, Eliza Cox, Kaitryana Leinbach, Ashleigh Lenoir

Miss Iowa USA & Teen USA 2015 contestants!

Update! Congratulations to Taylor Even, the new Miss Iowa USA 2015 and Aryn Book, the new Miss Iowa Teen USA 2015! Click their names to view their profiles, and there’s more coverage on my Facebook page.  Full results post will be up soon.

Miss Iowa USA & Teen USA 2015 will be crowned on Sunday afternoon and you can watch the show at www.futureproductions.net/webcast/ :)  I am sure there will be a great celebration for outgoing titleholders Carlyn Bradarich and Amanda Armstrong after Carlyn became Iowa’s first titleholder to make the top six at Miss USA since Carol Morris won Miss USA then Miss Universe in 1956!  Numbers are lower than last year but still pretty consistent for Iowa in recent years.

This year’s competition, in true Iowa fashion, is packed with past runners-up - although I was disappointed to see no former Miss Iowa Teen USA titleholders in the Miss lineup for the first time in what feels like forever.  The returning runners-up are Alissa Morrison from 2014, Taylor Even (2012 & 2013), Jenny Valliere (2011 & 2012) and Nikki Sikkema (2012) - they have all had other placements as well, scroll down to the full list at the bottom for more!  There are also past Teen runners-up Tarron Hansen (2012) and Ashley Spooner (2013).  There are also a number of past semi-finalists competing.

In Teen, returning runners-up are Aryn Book (2013 & 2014) and Annie Moore.  

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Miss North Carolina USA & Teen USA 2015 contestants!

Update! Congratulations to Julia Dalton, the new Miss North Carolina USA 2015 and Jane Axhoj, the new Miss North Carolina Teen USA 2015! Click their names to view their profiles, and there’s more coverage on my Facebook page.  Full results post will be up soon.

Miss North Carolina USA & Teen USA prelims start soon, here is a quick rundown of the contestants :)  Numbers are slightly down in each division compared to last year but still fairly average for NC in recent years.

In Miss there are two returning runners-up from 2014: first runner-up Renee Burrows and second runner-up Julia Dalton, who was Miss NC Teen USA 2008.  Past runners-up in Teen who are competing in Miss this year include Lindsey Baker (T10 in Miss last year), Devin Gant and Victoria Vesce.  Miss North Carolina 2013 Johna Edmonds is competing in the USA system for the first time.


2014 Miss top five - Allie Dunn (4RU), Julia Dalton (2RU), Olivia Olvera, Renee Burrows (1RU), Katie Coble (3RU)


Johna Edmonds at Miss America

There are also two returning Teen runners-up: second runner-up Jane Axhoj and third runner-up Ashleigh Lenoir.  A couple of 2014 top 10 finishers are also back, as is Eliza Cox who was T10 in South Carolina last year & competed with Miss Teen USA K Lee Graham.


2014 Teen top five - Emily Miner (4RU), Jane Axhoj (2RU), Pammy Peters, Madison Hill (1RU), Ashleigh Lenoir (3RU)

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Miss South Dakota USA & Teen USA 2015 results recap!

Lexy Schenk is the new Miss South Dakota USA 2015 and Marley Hanson is Miss South Dakota Teen USA 2015!  Congratulations to both girls :)  Lexy is from Irene and Marley from Vermillion, both towns are fairly close together in the far southwest of their state.  

Lexy was Miss South Dakota Teen USA 2011 and second runner-up in last year’s pageant.  She is the first former Miss SD Teen USA to win since 2005!  Marley was a semi-finalist in 2013 and was first runner-up at Miss South Dakota’s Outstanding Teen last year.  

Photo by Michael Solberg

In Miss this was a battle between two former Teen USA state titleholders and a former America state titleholder!  First runner-up went to Tessa Dee, Miss South Dakota 2013 and second runner-up to Fallyn Patterson, Miss South Dakota Teen USA 2009.  Fallyn was first runner-up in 2011 & a semi-finalist in 2012 but chose not to compete the past two years.  Third runner-up was Alaina Bertsch, a past Teen runner-up and fourth runner-up was newcomer Ashley Hagel.

In Teen, first runner-up went to Caitlin Fornia, second runner-up to Katrina Taylor, third runner-up to Maria Darrah (for the second year in a row) and fourth runner-up to Amberiah Smith.

Full results:

Miss South Dakota USA 2015 - Lexy Schenk (2RU 14, Miss SD Teen USA 2011, SF 10)
1RU: Tessa Dee (Miss South Dakota 2013)
2RU: Fallyn Patterson (SF 12, 1RU 11, Miss SD Teen USA 2009, SF 08)
3RU: Alaina Bertsch (NF 14, 3RU SD TUSA 13, 3RU 12, NF 10)
4RU: Ashley Hagel

Kayla Kruse  
Christina Wheeler 
Denielle Minor 
Treonna Kratz (3RU 14, SF 13)
Ashley Muehl  (4RU 14, SF 13)

Congeniality: Treonna Kratz
Photogenic: Jenna Neth

Lexy Schenk, Tessa Dee, Fallyn Patterson, Alaina Bertsch, Ashley Hagel 

Miss South Dakota Teen USA 2015 - Marley Hanson (SF 13)
1RU: Caitlin Fornia
2RU: Katrina Taylor
3RU: Maria Darrah (3RU 14)
4RU: Amberiah Smith

Jhena Van Den Hoek (NF 14)
Nora Van Aartsen
Laurel Appelwick (SF 14)
Alyssa Grismer 
Lexus Paulson 
Morgan Larson (NF 14, SF 13)
Alyson Stahl 
Brittany Johnson  
Makenzie Falcon 
Kiara Valentien

Congeniality: Brittany Johnson 
Photogenic: Makenzie Falcon

Marley Hanson, Caitlin Fornia, Katrina Taylor, Mariah Darrah, Amberiah Smith

Miss Arkansas USA & Teen USA 2015 results recap!

Congratulations to Miss Arkansas USA 2015 Leah Blefko and Miss Arkansas Teen USA 2015 Arynn Johnson!  Leah is from Fayetteville and Arynn is from Jessieville, near Hot Springs.  Neither are strangers to the pageant stage as they have both been runners-up previously: Leah was 2RU last year and 1RU at Miss Kansas Teen USA 2012 and Arynn was 1RU at Miss Arkansas Teen USA 2013.  Both winners won the Interview category awards, and Arynn also won Photogenic.

First runner-up in the Miss division was Kayla DelSanto who has now made the top five five years in a row between Teen & Miss (although she chose not to compete last year); this has been her highest placement.  Second runner-up was Allison Kusenberger, Miss Arkansas Teen USA 2009, a runner-up four years in a row; third runner-up was Miss Arkansas Teen USA 2011 Abby Floyd and fourth runner-up was Sierra Gorton.

In Teen, this year was fought hard between four very similar, very beautiful and very experienced blondes - and one fabulous brunette newcomer!  First runner-up was Makenzie Sexton, who had previously placed 4RU in 2014 & 2013; second runner-up was Paige Webb, 4RU in 2012; third runner-up was KeLee King, 2RU last year and fourth runner-up was Meredith Hayden.

This meant that with the top five of Miss Arkansas Teen USA 2013, winner Abby Floyd was 3RU in Miss, 1RU Arynn Johnson is the 2015 Teen winner, 3RU Lauren Weaver was the 2014 Teen winner and 4RU Makenzie Sexton was 1RU in Teen this year!  2015 Miss 4RU Sierra Gorton was a semi-finalist in Teen that year also.

Full results:

Miss Arkansas USA 2015 - Leah Blefko (2RU 14, 1RU KS TUSA 12)
1RU: Kayla DelSanto (3RU 13, 2RU 12, 3RU 11, 4RU AR TUSA 10)
2RU: Allison Kusenberger (3RU 14, 2RU 13, 3RU 12, Miss Arkansas Teen USA 2009, SF AR TUSA 08)
3RU: Abby Floyd (Miss Arkansas Teen USA 2013, SF 12)
4RU: Sierra Gorton (SF AR TUSA 13)

Natalie Crawford
Kinsey Cobb
Mica Roberts
Kionna Henderson
Erica Rankin
Claire Hodgson
Suzanne Gresham
Taylor Sparkman (NF AR TUSA 13)
Kyndal Hayes (4RU 14, 4RU 13, SF TN USA 11, 3RU TN TUSA 10, SF TN TUSA 09)
Kathleen Couch
Ashley Taylor

Swimsuit: Abby Floyd
Gown: Natalie Crawford
Interview:  Leah Blefko

Congeniality: Raven Walton
Photogenic: Kayla DelSanto

Leah Blefko, Kayla DelSanto, Allison Kusenberger, Abby Floyd, Sierra Gorton

Miss Arkansas Teen USA 2015 - Arynn Johnson (1RU 13)
1RU: Makenzie Sexton (4RU 14, 4RU 13)
2RU: Paige Webb (SF 13, 4RU 12)
3RU: KeLee King (2RU 14)
4RU:Meredith Hayden

Caroline Long 
Courtlyn Jackson (NF 14)
Karissa Todd
Skyla Weeks
Cori Keller
Bailey Breving (SF 14)
Ashton Williams
Mersady Redding
Alexis Toney (SF 14)
Skylar Wolfe
Corrie Green

Swimsuit: Paige Webb
Gown: Makenzie Sexton
Interview:  Arynn Johnson

Congeniality: Cori Keller
Photogenic: Arynn Johnson

Arynn Johnson, Makenzie Sexton, Paige Webb, KeLee King, Meredith Hayden

Miss Tennessee USA & Teen USA 2015 results recap

Congratulations to Miss Tennessee USA 2015 Kiara Young and Miss Tennessee Teen USA 2015 Hannah Faith Greene.  Kiara and Hannah were crowned in separate events on Saturday afternoon/evening.  Kiara is originally from Birmingham, Alabama but currently lives in Nashville and is a cheerleader for the Tennessee Titans.   Hannah is from Chattanooga, the third Teen titleholder from there in the pageant’s history.

Kiara previously competed in Alabama where she made the top 10 last year, was 3RU in 2013 and a non-finalist in 2012.  In 2013, she made the top five along with winner Mary-Margaret McCord, who went on to place 1RU at Miss USA, first runner-up Devin Grissom who was third runner-up at Miss Tennessee USA this year and second runner-up Jesica Ahlberg who is the current Miss Alabama USA - the top five montage with swimsuit & gown photos from that year can be found here.  Hannah has no past experience at Miss TN Teen USA but was fourth runner-up at Miss Tennessee’s Outstanding Teen 2014.

Hannah Faith Greene & Kiara Young - photo by Zac Grimaldo

First runner-up at Miss Tennessee USA 2015 was Kaileigh Bullard, who was a runner-up at Miss Tennessee (MAO) earlier in the year, second runner-up was newcomer Megan Hale, third runner-up yet again was Devin Grissom and fourth runner-up was Sarah Yarbrough, making the top five for the first time in the Miss competition - she was previously 1RU twice in Teen.  Past runners-up Sarah Gross and Tara Zolfagharbik were amongst the semi-finalists.

In Teen, the top three spots all went to a “Hannah”!  First runner-up was Hannah Sluss, who improved one spot on her 2013 placement.  The second  through fourth runner-up spots all went to newcomers: Hannah Hausman was second runner-up, Sarah Johnson third runner-up and Elise Stein fourth runner-up.  It has now been 12 years since a returning runner-up won Miss TN Teen USA (other than Shanese Brown who placed 3RU at Miss TN Teen USA 2011 & 1RU in 2012 & later assumed the Miss TN Teen USA 2012 title). The last runner-up to win was Rachel Smith!

Full results:

Miss Tennessee USA 2015 - Kiara Young (T10 AL USA 14, 3RU 13, NF 12)
1RU: Kaileigh Bullard
2RU: Megan Hale
3RU: Devin Grissom (3RU 14, 1RU AL USA 13, 2RU TN USA 09, TN’s OT 07)
4RU: Sarah Yarbrough (SF 14, SF 13, 1RU TN TUSA 11, 1RU TN TUSA 10)

Senzela Atmar 
Tara Bowlin

Katie Callaway 
Lauren Collins 
Sarah Gross  (SF 14, 4RU 13, SF 12)
Mariel Lane (NF TN TUSA 09)

Erica Meredith
Madelynne Myers (3RU KY TUSA 12)
Bailey Piercefield 
 (SF 14)
Tara Zolfagharbik  (3RU 13, 1RU 12, 4RU TN TUSA 09)

Congeniality: Kelsey Long
Photogenic: Logan Sparkman 

Kiara Young, Kaileigh Bullard, Megan Hale, Devin Grissom, Sarah Yarbrough

Miss Tennessee Teen USA 2015 - Hannah Faith Greene
1RU: Hannah  Sluss  (2RU 14)
2RU: Hannah Hausman
3RU: Sarah Johnson
4RU: Elise Stein

Allie Corzine 
Kinser Crutchfield (3RU VA TUSA 14, SF 13)
Olivia Hale (SF 14)
Hannah Kennedy
Karina Medina
Garrow Miles 
Hope Parker  (3RU 14)
Taylor Ramsey (4RU 14)

Carly Reams 
Savannah Trinkle

Congeniality: Savannah Trinkle
Photogenic: Jade Spilka

Hannah Faith Greene, Hannah Ann Sluss, Hannah Hausman, Sarah Johnson, Elise Stein 

Miss South Dakota USA & Teen USA 2015 contestants!

Update! Congratulations to Lexy Schenk, the new Miss South Dakota USA 2015 and Marley Hanson, the new Miss South Dakota Teen USA 2015! Click their names to view their profiles, and there’s more coverage on my Facebook page.  Full results post will be up soon.

Miss South Dakota USA & Teen USA is this weekend and will be webcast at http://www.futureproductions.net/webcast/ !!!!  Prelims are on Saturday at 7pm MDT and Finals on Sunday at 4pm MDT.  We say farewell to SD’s stunning 2014 duo of Brittney Palmer and Madison McKeown who have both done a fabulous job of representing SD.  

In the Miss division there are five more contestants than last year but 18 contestants is fairly average for SD in recent years - but the Teen division is down 7.  

There are two former Miss South Dakota Teen USA titleholders competing this year, Fallyn Patterson (2009), who was first runner-up in 2012 and Lexy Schenk (2011), second runner-up last year.  For the first time in a long time there is also a former Miss South Dakota competing, Tessa Dee who was Miss SD 2013 and gave up her title in June.

Three of last year’s Miss top five finalists are back: Lexy (second runner-up); 3rd runner-up Treonna Kratz; and 4th runner-up Ashley Muehl.  Both Treonna and Ashley were also semi-finalists in 2013. 


2014 Miss top five - Treonna Kratz (3RU), Lexy Schenk (2RU), Brittney Palmer, Kate Warkenthien (1RU), Ashley Muehl (4RU)


Fallyn Patterson, Lexy Schenk, Tessa Dee, Treonna Kratz, Ashley Muehl, 

The only returning runner-up in Teen is last year’s 3rd runner-up Maria Darrah.  Returning semi-finalists are Laurel Appelwick (2014), Jessica Bullard (2014 & 2013), Marley Hanson (2013), and Morgan Larson (2013).


2014 Teen top five - Maria Darrah (3RU), Grace Iverson (4RU), Madison McKeown, Celeste LaCoursiere (1RU), Lexie Schoenberner (2RU)


Maria Darrah, Laurel Appelwick, Jessica Bullard, Morgan Larson

Click “read more” to view the full list of contestants with notes of past placements.

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Miss Tennessee USA & Teen USA contestants!

Update! Congratulations to Kiara Young, the new Miss Tennessee USA 2015 and Hannah Faith Greene, the new Miss Tennessee Teen USA 2015! Click their names to view their profiles, and there’s more coverage on my Facebook page.  Full results post will be up soon.

Miss Tennessee USA & Teen USA 2015 will be crowned Saturday afternoon & evening.  Contestant photos can be found here - but scroll down to the end of this post to see contestant names!

In the Miss division contestant numbers have dropped from 53 last year to 36.  The only returning runner-up from 2013 is Devin Grissom (Southern TN), who has also been a runner-up in Alabama, was third runner-up to Stormi Henley at Miss Tennessee Teen USA 2010 and was Miss Tennessee’s Outstanding Teen 2007.  Other past runners-up from Tennessee are Sarah Gross (Queen City) and Tara Zolfagharbik (Williamson Co) from 2013 and 2012.  

There few other contestants this year who have competed in other states: Kiara Young (Greater Nashville) was a runner-up 2013 alongside Devin and a semi-finalist in 2014, Yesenia Quinones (North Chattanooga) was a semi-finalist in Georgia in 2013, and Rachael Turner (Rocky Top) was a non-finalist in Texas in 2011).

Whilst I’m generally less aware of who’s competed in MAO, some name recognition and a little googling has alerted me to the fact that Kaleigh Bullard (Music City) was 2nd runner-up at Miss Tennessee 2014 a few months ago, and Rachael Turner was a semi-finalist (apologies if I’ve missed any more MAO crossovers!).


Contestants mentioned above - and a couple of others who caught my eye:
Devin Grissom, Sarah Gross, Tara Zolfagharbik, Kiara Young, Yesenia Quinones, Rachael Turner, Kaleigh Bullard, Bailey Piercefield, Mariel Lane

In Teen there are three returning runners-up: Hannah Ann Sluss (TN Iris), second runner-up; Hope Parker (Waverly), third runner-up and Taylor Ramsey (Unite), 4th runner-up.   Kincer Crutchfield (Chattanooga), third runner-up in Virginia Teen USA 2014 and a semi-finalist in 2013, is competing in Tennessee this year.  2014 semi-finalists include Olivia Hale (Greater Knoxville) and Jade Spilka (Hendersonville).


Hannah Ann Sluss, Hope Parker, Taylor Ramsey, Kinser Crutchfield, Olivia Hale, Jade Spilka

Click “read more” to see the full list of contestants with notes of past placements.

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Miss Arkansas USA & Teen USA 2015 contestants!

Update! Congratulations to Leah Blefko, the new Miss Arkansas USA 2015 and Arynn Johnson, the new Miss Arkansas Teen USA 2015! Click their names to view their profiles, and there’s more coverage on my Facebook page.  Full results post will be up soon.

Miss Arkansas USA & Teen USA 2015 will be crowned Sunday evening in Bentonville from 7pm CST.  Most states which have recently held pageants in January have brought them forward this year which means the 2014 titleholders Helen Wisner and Lauren Weaver sadly have only had a nine month reign.  The interesting thing with this is that returning contestants from the 2014 pageants are competing again very soon after the last pageant and in the same calendar year.   

The Miss division is a battle of the returning runners-up with Leah BlefkoKayla DelSantoKyndal Hayes and Allison Kusenberger all returning.  All except Leah have been a runner-up at least twice at Miss Arkansas USA; Allison is a former Miss Arkansas Teen USA and Leah, Kayla and Kyndal were all runners-up in the Teen division as well.   Swimsuit & gown photos from last year’s top five can be seen here and 2013 here.  Allison isn’t the only former Teen titleholder competing this year, Abby Floyd will be the first 2013 titleholder to compete in the Miss division, just nine months after she passed on her title! 

In Teen, two of last year’s runners-up are back, second runner-up KeLee King and fourth runner-up Makenzie Sexton (who was also 4RU in 2013).  Arynn Johnson, 2013’s first runner-up is competing after skipping the 2014 pageant; 2012 fourth runner-up and 2013 semi-finalist Paige Webb is also back.  You can see photos of these past runners-up in swimsuit & gown here: 2014 | 2013 | 2012.

Here are some recent top five photos with 2014 contestants noted in bold.  Click “read more” after these photos to view the full list of contestants with notes of past placements.


2014 Miss top five - Allison Kusenberger (3RU), Leah Blefko (2RU) Helen Wisner, Adrianna Nelson (1RU), Kyndal Hayes (2RU)


2013 Miss top five - Helen Wisner (1RU), Allison Kusenberger (2RU), Hannah Billingsley, Kayla DelSanto (3RU), Kyndal Hayes (4RU)


2014 Teen top five - Makenzie Sexton (4RU), KeLee King (2RU), Lauren Weaver, Abby Marrin (1RU), Haley Bird (3RU)


2013 Teen top five - Makenzie Sexton (4RU), Lauren Weaver (3RU), Abby Floyd, Arynn Johnson (1RU), Brittany Smith (2RU)

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