Miss New Hampshire USA & Teen USA results!

Miss New Hampshire USA 2014 is Bridget Brunet of South Hampton and Miss New Hampshire Teen USA 2014 is Mikaela Seamans of Keene!  Both have experience, Bridget was a Teen semi-finalist in 2005 & 2006 and Mikaela was a non-finalist in 2012 and third runner-up last year.  Congratulations girls!  Click their names to view their profiles, which have more photos.

First runner-up, for the second year in a row - and her fourth year in the top five - was Samantha Poirier. Second runner-up was former Miss New Hampshire and past semi-finalist Krystal Muccioli, making the top five for the first time in three years.  Third runner-up was Chelsie Goerndt and fourth runner-up was Dana Mozzoni, both newcomers.  Miss Vermont Teen USA 2007 Olivia Hubbard was one of the semi-finalists.

In Teen, three of the four returning contestants made top five, Mikaela, third runner-up Mattison Trotter and fourth runner-up Etta Poppek.  The other runners-up were Micaela McIntyre, first runner-up and Daniella Gibadlo, second runner-up.  

Full results:

Miss New Hampshire USA 2014 - Bridget Brunet (SF NH TUSA 06, SF NH TUSA 05)
1RU: Samantha Poirier (1RU 13, 2RU 12, 2RU 11)
2RU: Krystal Muccioli (SF 13, SF 12, Miss New Hampshire 2011)
3RU: Chelsie Goerndt
4RU: Dana Mozzoni

Top 10:
Katrina Waller (SF 13, NF 12)
Belle Kiley 
Michelle Robichaud
Olivia Hubbard (Miss Vermont Teen USA 2007, SF VT TUSA 06)
Candice Dodge

Congeniality: Sara Sheppard
Photogenic: Dana Mozzoni

Bridget Brunet, Samantha Poirier, Krystal Muccioli, Chelsie Goerndt, Dana Mozzoni

Miss New Hampshire Teen USA 2014 - Mikaela Seamans (3RU 13, NF 12)
1RU: Micaela McIntyre
2RU: Daniella Gibaldo
3RU: Matison Trotter (SF 13)
4RU: Etta Popek (SF 12)

Top 10:
Kerri Sears
Daniella Doolen
Bryana Clark
Angelita Colon
Chelsea Marie Marshall

Congeniality: Etta Popek
Photogenic: Matison Trotter

Mikaela Seamans, Micaela McIntyre, Danielle Gibadlo, Matison Trotter, Etta Popek

Miss Nebraska USA & Teen USA 2014 results!

Amanda Soltero is Miss Nebraska USA 2014 and Savannah Rave is Miss Nebraska Teen USA 2014!  

Amanda is only the second Miss Nebraska Teen USA titleholder to win Miss Nebraska USA and is the fifth 2010 Teen titleholder to win this year (tying the record from 2009).  Savannah made the top 10 last year and is the first titleholder who had previously competed at Miss NE Teen USA since 2004!

The Miss top five included the 2013 first runners-up from both the Miss & Teen divisions, Jane Rabe and Jennifer Monson respectively, former Teen titleholders Amanda (2010) and Sarah Hollins (2009) and Kiley Herold, sister of Miss Nebraska USA 2011.  Jennifer placed 1RU, Sarah 2RU, Jane 3RU and Kiley 4RU.

In Teen, the three 2013 returning contestants Savannah, Paige Lancaster, and Taylor Cooprider all made the top five.  Newcomer Lauren Brown placed 1RU, Paige was 2RU for the second year in a row, another newcomer Sydney Childers was 3RU and Taylor was 4RU.

Full results:

Miss Nebraska USA 2014 - Amanda Soltero (Miss Nebraska Teen USA 2010)
1RU: Jennifer Monson (1RU NE TUSA 13, 3RU MN TUSA 11)
2RU: Sarah Hollins (Miss Nebraska Teen USA 2009)
3RU: Jane Rabe (1RU 13, 2RU 12, T10 09)
4RU: Kiley Herold

Top 11:
Talia Jacik (SF 13)
Megan Foutch
Lauren Skelton (2RU WI TUSA 13, 1RU WI TUSA 12, 1RU WI USA 11)
Franque Thompson (SF 13)
Kaylee Carlberg (SF IA USA 12, 4RU 11, SF IA TUSA 10)
Ashley Wojtalewicz

Congeniality: Franque Thompson
Photogenic: Ashley Wojtalewicz


Amanda Soltero, Jennifer Monson, Sarah Hollins, Jane Rabe, Kiley Herold

Miss Nebraska Teen USA 2014 - Savannah Rave (SF 13)
1RU: Lauren Brown
2RU: Paige Thompson (2RU 13)
3RU: Sydney Childers
4RU: Taylor Cooprider (SF 13)

Top 8:
Cortny Surber 
Shelby Poskochil 
Jamie Wilhelm 

Congeniality: Cortny Surber 
Photogenic: Cortny Surber 


Savannah Rave, Lauren Brown, Paige Lancaster, Sydney Childers, Taylor Cooprider

Miss California USA & Teen USA 2014 results

Cassandra Kunze is Miss California USA 2014 and Bianca Vierra is Miss California Teen USA 2014.   Click their names to view their profiles (which have more photos) and visit my Facebook page for other updates.

Both were competing in the USA system for the first time (other than local titles) but have other experience - they were both Miss Teenage California, and Bianca (2011) actually crowned Cassandra (2012)!  Bianca also won the Miss High School America 2012 title, reigning with Miss Collegiate America 2012 Haley O’Brien who is the current Miss Minnesota USA.

Cassandra is now 20 and Bianca is 18.  Bianca is the first Teen titleholder from northern California since 2007!

First runner-up in the Miss division was last year’s 3RU, and Cassandra’s local title “sister”, Miss Malibu Natasha Martinez (congratulations to Kristen Bradford).  Second runner-up was 2012 Miss US International Amanda Delgado (whose sister Emily made T10 in Teen); Miss California Teen USA 2011 Alexis Swanstrom placed 3RU (and was handed her flowers by her Teen first runner-up and outgoing Miss CA Teen USA Chloe Hatfield) and fourth runner-up was 2012 Teen semi-finalist Lauren York.  

In Teen, first runner-up was Miss Greater San Diego Gigi Gauthier, nearly making it four in a row for past Miss GSD Teen contestants (Alexis Swanstrom & Cassidy Wolf were past titleholders, Alexa Jones was a runner-up).  Second runner-up was newcomer Madison Day-Robinson, third runner-up was 2013 semi-finalist & 2012 second runner-up Toneata Morgan and fourth runner-up was newcomer Melanie Mitchell.

Full results:

Miss California USA 2014 - Cassandra Kunze 
1RU: Natasha Martinez (3RU 13, T10 11)
2RU: Amanda Delgado (Miss US International 12, NF 10, T10 CA TUSA 08)
3RU: Alexis Swanstrom (Miss California Teen USA 2011)
4RU: Lauren York (T10 CA TUSA 12)

Top 10:
Brittney Brown
Brittany Wagner  (NF 10, T10 CA TUSA 07)
Dia Davis (NF 13)
Shélynne Hoyt  (NF 12)
Elizabeth Cardillo (T10 13, T20 12)

Top 20:
Katie Bozner 
Tommy Lynn Calhoun (T20 13)
Brooklyn Bizzle 
Rowena Chop (T20 13)
Lindsay Becker  (4RU MN USA 13, 4RU MN USA 12, T20 CA USA 11, 2RU MN TUSA 09, 1RU MN TUSA 08, 1RU MN TUSA 07, 4RU MN TUSA 06) 
Alison Kim (T20 13)
Lauren Smolka 
Coco Hunter (T20 13, 3RU 11, NF 10)
Sierra Billock  (NF 11)
Yalda Safai 

Congeniality: Kristina Blum


Cassie Kunze, Natasha Martinez, Amanda Delgado, Alexis Swanstrom, Lauren York

Miss California Teen USA 2014 - Bianca Vierra 
1RU: Gigi Gauthier
2RU: Madison Day-Robinson 
3RU: Toneata Morgan (T10 13, 2RU 12)
4RU: Melanie Mitchell

Top 10:
Charli Burnett (2RU 13)
Savannah Ellison (T20 13)
Emily Delgado (NF 12)
Athenna Crosby (T20 13)
Taylor Nelson 

Top 20:
McKenzie Seagren 
Danielle Moye 
Courtney Critz  
Hailee Harris (T20 13)
Nadia Mejia (4RU 13, T20 12)
Susanna Wiggins 
Savannah Sinfield
Emma Reed
Caitlin Dahlin (T10 13)
Savannah Palacio (T20 13)

Congeniality: Tiffany Cooper


Bianca Vierra, Gigi Gauthier, Madison Day-Robinson, Toneata Morgan, Melanie Mitchell

Miss Oregon USA & Teen USA 2014 results

Emma Pelett is Miss Oregon USA 2014 and her Teen counterpart is Alexandra Perry.  Emma was first runner-up last year, a semi-finalist in 2012 and second runner-up in 2009.  Emma is the first returning runner-up to win since Sharitha McKenzie in 2007.

Miss Oregon USA 2014 - Emma Pelett (1RU 13, SF 12, 2RU 09)
1RU: Mary Maldonado (T20 CA TUSA 06)
2RU: Kayla Bowker
3RU: Natasha Parekh
4RU: Natalie Tonnenson

Miss Oregon Teen USA 2014 - Alexandra Perry
1RU: Kenna Sloy (3RU 13)
2RU: Manju Bangalore 
3RU: Kaylee Davidson
4RU: Brooke Eid

Miss Minnesota USA & Teen USA 2014 results

Haley O’Brien of Excelsior is the new Miss Minnesota USA 2014 and Catherine Stanley of Bloomington is Miss Minnesota Teen USA 2014.  

Haley is the first former Teen titleholder to win Miss MN USA since Alla Ilushka, Miss Minnesota Teen USA 2002, won in 2007.  Catherine is the fourth consecutive newcomer to win the Teen titleholder.

The only newcomer in the Miss top five was newcomer Kayla Casciano.  2012 semi-finalists Jessica Scheu and Brittany Dyshaw, neither of whom competed last year, were first and third runners-up respectively, and Miss Minnesota Teen USA 2007 Vanessa Vonbehren placed fourth runner-up.  Brie Anderson made the top 15 and has sadly aged out after competing every year since 2006 (and in Teen in 2005).  2009 and 2010 Teen runner-up Ashley Johnson missed the cut for the second time.

In the Teen competition, the top five were all new.  2013 first runner-up Dasia Mestad made the semi-finals and 2012 first runner-up Marina Kong won the non-finalist swimsuit award.

Miss Minnesota USA 2014 - Haley O’Brien (Miss Minnesota Teen USA 2010, 3RU MN TUSA 09)
1RU: Jessica Scheu (SF 12, 2RU MN TUSA 11, SF MN TUSA 09, SF MN TUSA 08)
2RU: Kayla Casciano
3RU: Brittany Dyshaw (SF 12)
4RU: Vanessa VonBehren (Miss Minnesota Teen USA 2007)

Taylor Bacon (SF 13)
Caitlin Higgins
Ashley Stangler  (3RU MN TUSA 13)
Alexandra West
Melissa Neumann (NF 13)
Mandy Peterson (SF 13, SF 12)
Vanessa Panemalaythong
Katie Stout
Brianne Anderson (2RU 13, 1RU 12, T15 11, T15 10, 2RU 09, 1RU 08, 2RU 07, T15 06, T15 MN TUSA 05)
Chelsie Rayford

Congeniality: Mandy Peterson
Photogenic: Haley O’Brien

Haley O’Brien (using her 2010 Teen headshot!), Jessica Scheu, Kayla Casciano, Brittany Dyshaw, Vanessa VonBehren

Miss Minnesota Teen USA 2014 - Catherine Stanley  
1RU: Brigitta Zosel
2RU: Anna Korger
3RU: Madison Johnson
4RU: Hayden Hammond

Nicole Elizabeth Doyle
Kylie Schuelke
Laura Wolter
Michelle Bergh
Lydia Patton
Matakala Faith Kaluwe
Dasis Mestad (1RU 13)
Kala Schmidt
Christy Prust
Elle Gilbert

Congeniality: Rachel Eickhoff
Photogenic: Kylie Schuelke

Catherine Stanley, Brigitta Zosel, Anna Korger, Madison Johnson, Hayden Hammond

Miss District of Columbia USA & Teen USA 2014 results

Miss District of Columbia USA 2014 is Ciera Nicole Butts and Miss DC Teen USA 2014 is Dominick Fink.  Both had prior experience in other states: Ciera, in addition to being 2RU in DC last year, was a non-finalist at Miss Maryland USA 2012 and Dominick was second runner-up at Miss Virginia Teen USA 2013 and is a past Miss Virginia’s Outstanding Teen 2011.  She is the first former Miss America’s Outstanding Teen delegate to win a Teen state title this year.  Ciera is originally from Baltimore and Dominick is from Chesapeake. 

The top two in each state had past experience - MUO and/or MAO - in either Virginia or Maryland prior to competing in DC.  Another 2013 Virginia Teen contestant placed 3RU in Miss DC Teen USA, and two 2013 Miss VA USA contestants made the Miss semi-finals. 

 Miss District of Columbia USA 2014 - Ciera Nicole Butts (2RU 13, NF MD USA 12)
1RU: Jessica Bermudez (4RU 13)
2RU: Shannon Lynch
3RU: Jasmine Niernberger (Miss DC Teen USA 2006)
4RU: Samira Howard

Fionnghuala Eley O’Reilly
Kristen Adams (SF VA USA 13)
Johanna King
Merrill Bankston
Yaa Genfi
Caitlin Wilenchik (1RU AZ USA 13, 1RU AZ USA 12)
Ryann Richardson (SF 12)
Ashley Greenfield (NF VA USA 13, NF VA TUSA 11)
Brittany Larson  (SF WY USA 13, SF CO USA 12, NF OK USA 11)
Michelle Pierrot
Kaitlyn Wozniak (SF MD USA 11, 4RU MD TUSA 10, SF MD TUSA 08, SF MD TUSA 07)

Congeniality: Jessica Burmudez
Photogenic: Kristen Adams


Ciera Nicole Butts, Jessica Bermudez, Shannon Lynch, Jasmine Niernberger, Samira Howard

Miss District of Columbia Teen USA 2014 - Dominick Finck (2RU VA TUSA 13)
1RU: Maura Deegan (2RU 13, NF MD TUSA 12, NF MD TUSA 10)
2RU: Niara Tarleton-Allen
3RU: Emily Berriz  (NF VA TUSA 13)
4RU: Erica White-Ruffin (1RU 13)

Laniya Bullie
Nina Moiseiwitsch
Shalla Hurtt
Mia Beasley
Gabrielle Cooper
Joanna Chery (2RU 12)

Congeniality: Gabrielle Cooper
Photogenic: Niara Tarleton-Allen


Dominick Fink, Maura Deegan, Niara Tarleton-Allen, Emily Berriz, Erica White-Ruffin

Miss Oklahoma USA & Teen USA 2014 results

Two Brooklynnes will be reigning over Oklahoma in 2014!  Miss Oklahoma USA is Brooklynne Young and Miss Oklahoma Teen USA is Brooklynne Bond!  Brooklynne Young was competing in Oklahoma for the first time, but was fourth runner-up in Miss Texas Teen USA 2013 and a semi-finalist at Miss Texas Teen USA 2012.  She attends college in Oklahoma and will turn 19 in December, making her one of the youngest contestants at Miss .  Brooklynne Bond had not competed at Miss OK Teen USA before but has experience in the America system.  Both are from Tulsa (although Brooklynne Young is from Southlake, Texas).

First runner-up was Alex Miller, twice a runner-up in Kansas previously, second and third runners-up were former Teens Taylor Gorton and Kandis Holt and fourth runner-up was two-time past OK runner-up Carrie Baker.

In a rare occurrence, 2013 Miss OK Teen USA first, second and third runners-up achieved the same placements in 2014.  Cherokee Pearce was a runner-up for the fourth time.  Miss Oklahoma’s Outstanding Teen 2012 Julianne Thomison was a semi-finalist.

Miss Oklahoma USA 2014 - Brooklynne Young (4RU TX TUSA 13, SF TX TUSA 12)
1RU: Alex Miller (2RU KS USA 12, 2RU KS USA 09)
2RU: Taylor Gorton (Miss Oklahoma Teen USA 2008, NF 07)
3RU: Kandis Holt (Miss Oklahoma Teen USA 2010)
4RU: Carrie Baker (2RU 14, SF 12, 4RU 11)

Elizabeth Olsen 
Jessika Williams (4RU 13)
Hannah Moore 
Ashley Hancock 
Alexys Razien 
Baillie Burmaster
Alma Sandoval (Miss Oklahoma Teen USA 2011)
Molly Kitchen (SF 13)


Brooklynne Young, Alex Miller, Taylor Gorton, Kandis Holt, Carrie Baker

Miss Oklahoma Teen USA 2014 - Brooklynne Bond 
1RU: Cherokee Pearce (1RU 13, 3RU 12, 4RU 11)
2RU: Mariah Davis (2RU 13)
3RU: Serene Russell (3RU 13)
4RU: Madison Plott

Mi’Shell Garrett (SF 13)
Nicole Flippo (SF 13)
Lexi Neira
Julianne Thomison (Miss Oklahoma’s Outstanding Teen 2012)
Samantha Martin 
Ellison Henley
Alexandria Whisenhunt
Gabrielle Catteeuw


Brooklynne Bond, Cherokee Pearce, Mariah Davis, Serene Russell, Madison Plott

Miss North Dakota USA & Teen USA 2014 results

Miss North Dakota USA 2014 is Audra Mari of Fargo and Miss North Dakota Teen USA 2014 is Josie Hettich of Wilton!  Click their names to view their profiles or visit my Facebook page for more Miss USA & Teen USA coverage.

Audra was the first of two Miss Teen USA first runners-up crowned on Sunday, the other being Miss IL USA Lexi Atkins, 2010’s first runner-up.  Audra will the second 2011 teen titleholder to compete at Miss USA and the sixth Miss North Dakota Teen USA to win Miss ND USA.  

Miss North Dakota USA 2014 - Audra Mari (Miss North Dakota Teen USA 2011)
1RU: Molly Ketterling (1RU ND TUSA 13, 1RU ND TUSA 12)
2RU: Raquel Wellentin (1RU 13)
3RU: Kate Wilson
4RU: Megan Yahna (4RU 13, 2RU 12, T10 ND TUSA 10)

Sarah DeSpiegelaere
Angelina Gonzalez
Erica Lemna
Desiree Pinks (SF 13, 2RU ND TUSA 12)
Caitlyn McArthur (SF 13)

Congeniality: Shelby Bohnenkamp
Photogenic: Molly Ketterling


Audra Mari, Molly Ketterling, Raquel Wellentin, Kate Wilson, Megan Yahna

Miss North Dakota Teen USA 2014 - Josie Hettich 
1RU: Kennedy Odegaard
2RU: Jordyn Sayler
3RU: Madison Moen (2RU 13, SF 12)
4RU: Olivia Larson

Citlaly Villarreal
Hannah Brooks (4RU 13)
Caitlin Bitz
Paige Thomas
Lisa Lively
Addie Hovland
Jessica Bullard (SF 13)
Emily Simmons
Kiahna Goodman
Siam Simpfenderfer

Congeniality: Shelby Bohnenkamp
Photogenic: Molly Ketterling


Josie Hettich, Kennedy Odegaard, Jordyn Saylor, Madison Moen, Olivia Larson

Miss Vermont USA and Teen USA 2014 results

Miss Vermont USA 2014 is Gina Bernasconi of Underhill and Miss Vermont Teen USA is Madison Cota of Bellows Falls.  Click their names to view their profiles or visit my Facebook page for more Miss USA & Teen USA coverage.

Gina is the first winner since 2009 who had not been a runner-up previously, although she was a non-finalist last year.  She and 2009 winner Brooke Werner are the only titleholders in the past 12 years who had not previously been a runner-up in either the Miss or Teen pageant.

Conversely, Madison is the first returning runner-up to win the Teen title since 2010.  Her first runner-up Melanie Hubbard was a semi-finalist last year and is the sister of Miss Vermont Teen USA 2007 Olivia Hubbard.  The rest of the finalists were newcomers. 

Miss Vermont USA 2014 - Gina Bernasconi (NF 13)
1RU: Sydney McEwen 
2RU: Caroline Kemp (2RU 13, NF NY USA 12)
3RU: Myranda Benoit (SF 13, NF 12)
4RU: Ashley Audette

Mary Collins
Hunter DiGangi
Neely Fortune

Congeniality: Sydney McEwen
Photogenic: Sydney McEwen

Miss Vermont Teen USA 2014 - Madison Cota (3RU 13)
1RU: Melanie Hubbard (SF 13)
2RU: Alacey German
3RU: Sofia Guzman
4RU: Tammy Vujanovic

Kasi White
Sara Stryhas (SF 13)
Maia Allo
Michelle Maseroni
Fiona Steele

Congeniality: Emilie Coffin
Photogenic: Tammy Vujanovic

Madison Cota, Melanie Hubbard, Alacey German, Sofia Guzman, Tammy Vujanovic

Miss Georgia USA & Teen USA 2014 results!

Miss Georgia USA 2014 is Tiana Griggs of Monticello and Miss Georgia Teen USA is Noelle Hughley of Lithonia.  Click their names to view their profiles or visit my Facebook page for more Miss USA & Teen USA coverage.

Off the top of my head Noelle is only the second African-American to win the Teen title, and it’s also a rarity that both titleholders are African-American.  A lot of attention had been focussed first runner-up Jamie Kelton and the three former Teens competing but at the end of the night it was Tiana, last year’s second runner-up, who stole the judges hearts & won the crown :)  Following the recent trend with Georgia Teens, Noelle had not competed previously.

Jamie Kelton placed third runner-up on her last try (and will forever be in my heart as one of those girls who I can’t believe never got a shot at the Miss USA title), Miss Georgia Teen USA 2009 and Miss Teen USA first runner-up Brooke Fletcher placed second runner-up and newbies Keila Diaz and Emanii Davis placed first and fourth runners-up respectively.

In Teen, the first three runners-up were all new, while 2013 third runner-upAmelia Huntplaced 4RU.

Miss Georgia USA 2014 - Tiana Griggs (2RU 13)
1RU: Keila Diaz
2RU: Brooke Fletcher (Miss Georgia Teen USA 2009)
3RU: Jamie Kelton (1RU 13, 2RU 12, 3RU 11)
4RU: Emanii Davis

Keri Crosby (3RU 13, SF 12)
Courtney Hollifield (T20 NC USA 12, T15 NC USA 10)
Lauren Edmunds
Sibahn Doxey (Miss Montana Teen USA 2011)
Tatum Harmon
Kristen Robinson (Miss Georgia Teen USA 2011)
Holly Chastain (SF 12)
Ashley Reiff (SF GA TUSA 04)
Malone Galster (NF 11)
Alyssa Huffingham

Congeniality: Lauren Edmund
Photogenic: Amy Brady


Tiana Griggs, Keila Diaz, Brooke Fletcher, Jamie Kelton, Emanii Davis (= in my eyes, the best example of a headshot not doing a beautiful contestant justice!)

Miss Georgia Teen USA 2014 - Noelle Hughley
1RU: Ansley McGhee
2RU: Mary Calkins
3RU: Jamie Walloch
4RU: Amelia Hunt (3RU 13)

McKayla Futral (SF 13)
Lizzy Stanford
Jade Nicole Yeban
McKenzie Blair-Griffith
Alli Flory
Abbie Padgett
Kayla Kirkland (NF 11)
Olivia Wamack
Anna Leigh Stewart
Katie Rhea 

Congeniality: Safiyyah Jones
Photogenic: Layilah Nasser


Noelle Hughley, Ansley McGhee, Mary Calkins, Jamie Walloch, Amelia Hunt

Miss Massachusetts USA and Teen USA 2014 results

Caroline Lunny was crowned Miss Massachusetts USA 2014 on Sunday evening, while Bailey Medeiros won Miss Massachusetts Teen USA.  Click their names to view their profiles (which have crowning photos etc) and visit my Facebook page for more coverage.

Caroline is the fifth Miss Massachusetts Teen USA to win Miss Massachusetts USA. Here’s a fun coincidence: Miss Massachusetts Teen USA 1998 Susie Castillo won Miss Massachusetts USA and then Miss USA in 2003.  Susie’s Massachusetts Teen titleholder “little sister” was Jackie Bruno.  When Jackie won Miss Massachusetts USA in 2008, her ”little sister” was?  You guessed it, Caroline!  Love that chain and who knows, Bailey might be destined to be Miss MA USA herself one day :)

In the Miss division, 2013 second runner-up Renata De Carvalho moved up a spot to first runner-up.  Two of the other runners-up had been non-finalists last year.  2013 first runner-up and former Miss New Hampshire Reagan Hartley made the top 15, as did other past runners-up Polikseni Manxhari, Kaelyn Serra and Kate Crochetiere and Julia Scaparotti, second runner-up in Rhode Island last year.  2013 fourth and 2012 third runner-up Alison DeJesus and Miss New Hampshire Teen USA 2010 Morgan Lucas did not make the first cut.

In Teen, Pavit Arora placed first runner-up for the second year in a row, and Danae Bucci also repeated her fourth runner-up placement from last year.

Full results

Miss Massachusetts USA 2014 - Caroline Lunny (Miss Massachusetts Teen USA 2008)
1RU: Renata De Carvalho (2RU 13)
2RU: Alexandra Mack
3RU: Gina Lewis (NF 13, SF 12)
4RU: Cara Lemire (NF 13)

Yesenia Geronimo
Sally Meehan
Regan Hartley (1RU 13, Miss New Hampshire 2011, 4RU NH TUSA 09)
Luisaura Alvarez
Kaelyn Serra (3RU 13)
Julia Scaparotti  (2RU RI USA 13)
Amanda Soucy
Polikseni Manxhari  (SF 13, SF 12, 4RU 11)
Kate Crochetiere (SF 13, 1RU 12)
Kalia Pimentel  (NF 13, SF 12)

Congeniality: Brittany Perro
Photogenic: Julia Scaparotti


Caroline Lunny, Renata De Carvalho, Alexandra Mack, Gina Lewis, Cara Lemire

Miss Massachusetts Teen USA 2014 - Bailey Medeiros
1RU: Pavit Arora (1RU 13, 3RU 11)
2RU: Avery Stump 
3RU: Megan Lynch (SF 13)
4RU: Danae Bucci (4RU 13)

Jessica Jarosz (NF 12)
Andreia Gibau
Jasmine Neilan (NF 13, SF 12)
Brianna Borghi (3RU 13)
Arianna Viscariello
Kristina Tabacco
Brittany Mulvey
Courtney Lunny (SF 13)
Kelsey Henderson
Nicolette Peloquin  (SF 12)

Congeniality:  Kelsey Henderson
 Emily Earle


Bailey Medeiros, Pavit Arora, Avery Stump, Megan Lynch, Danae Bucci

Miss South Carolina USA and Teen USA 2014 results!

Christina Zapolski is Miss South Carolina USA 2014 and K. Lee Graham is Miss South Carolina Teen USA!  Both were crowned in North Charleston on Saturday evening.  Christina was second runner-up last year and K. Lee was fourth runner-up.  Both are the first returning  runners-up to win their division the following year since 2009.  Click their names to view their profiles, with many pageant photos included.

In Miss, Summer Priester, last year’s Teen 3RU, continued the trend of Teen contestants making successful entries into the Miss division by placing second runner-up.  Both third and fourth runners-up were in the top 5 at Miss South Carolina Teen USA 2011 - Keyla Childs won and Jennifer Young was her fourth runner-up.

Miss South Carolina USA 2014 - Christina Zapolski  (Isle of Palms) (2RU 13)
1RU: Sarah Weishuhn (Columbia) (NF 13)
2RU: Summer Priester (Mid Carolina) (3RU SC TUSA 13)
3RU: Keyla Childs (Charleston) (Miss SC Teen USA 2011)
4RU: Jennifer Young (Williamston) (T15 13, NF 12, 4RU SC TUSA 11)

TOP 10:
Anna Catherine Cox (Lake Keowee)
Morgan Brown (Golden Corner)
Courtney Ballenger (Walhalla) (T15 13, NF 12, NF 11, 4RU SC TUSA 10)
Madelyn Wasden (Capital City) (NF SC TUSA 12)
Catherine Fox (North Charleston) 

TOP 15:
Ashley West (West Ashley)
Samantha Cook (Newberry County)
Kandace Harbin (Palmetto)
Morgan Wheeler (Murrells Inlet) (T10 13)
Callie Ray Davis (Grand Strand)

Christina Zapolski, Sarah Weishuhn, Summer Priester, Keyla Childs, Jennifer Young

Miss South Carolina USA 2014 - K. Lee Graham  (Lake Murray) (4RU 13)
1RU: Blythe Neal (Charleston) (T17 13)
2RU: Hannah Floyd (Palmetto)
3RU: Emma Webb (Capital City) (T17 13, 3RU 12)
4RU: Paige Holloway (North Charleston)

TOP 10
Marley Stokes (Columbia) (2RU 13)
Eliza Cox (Upstate)
Jordyn Rogge (Goose Creek)
Sydney Sill (Golden Corner)
Karson Terrell (Daniel Island)

TOP 15
Tatiana Ruiz (North Coast)
Mary Caroline Owen (Lake Keowee)
Victoria Singletary (Little River)
Caroline Scruggs (Folly Beach) (T17 13)
Jada Samuel (Piedmont)

K Lee Graham, Blythe Neal, Hannah Floyd, Emma Webb, Paige Holloway

Miss Connecticut USA & Teen USA 2014 results!

Miss Connecticut USA 2014 is Desirée Pérez and Miss Connecticut Teen USA 2014 is Sydney West. Can Desiree or Sydney bring a third national title in three years back to CT?

Desiree was last year’s fourth runner-up.  She recently won Miss Connecticut US International competed at Miss US International in August.  There’s a great photo on Erin Brady's profile of Erin, Kendal & Desiree making an appearance together, before Erin became Miss USA.

Sydney was competing for the first time, although her name might sound familiar - she’s the younger sister of Miss Connecticut Teen USA and Miss Teen USA 2012 Logan West!  Whilst a number of sister pairings have won state titles, and it’s more common in Teen than in Miss, this is the first time since 1980 that the sister of a past national MUO titleholder has won a state title.  Sydney might not have USA experience, but she did place third runner-up at Miss Connecticut’s Outstanding Teen 2012 a few months before Logan won Miss Teen USA.  Sydney and Logan made many appearances together during that year.

Miss Connecticut USA 2014 - Desirée Pérez  (4RU 13)
1RU: Nikki Delventhal
2RU: Tiffany Teixeira (1RU 13, Miss CT Teen USA 2009, 1RU CT TUSA 08, 2RU CT TUSA 07) 
3RU: Jessica Bouwman
4RU: Ranya Rasamny (SF 13, 4RU 12)

Ashley Catherine Leach  (NF 12)
Jessica Glover
Patty Lu
Brittany Capozziello
Dalila May (SF 13)
Jonét Nichelle (SF CT TUSA 13, 4RU 12)
Samantha Lusniak
Saragrace Tramont
Azria Rountree  (SF 13)


Desirée Pérez, Nikki Delventhal, Tiffany Teixeira, Jessica Bouwman, Ranya Rasamny

Miss Connecticut Teen USA 2014 - Sydney West
1RU: Erika Porras (3RU 13)
2RU: Cindy Nguyen (1RU 13, 2RU 12)
3RU: Lauren Ralston
4RU: Kailyn Strain (NF 13)

Olivia Swanfeldt (SF 13)
Taylor Gallagher (2RU 13, 3RU 12)
Manuela Alvarez Hernandez
Elizabeth Wolanin (NF 13)
Celina Chapman

Congeniality: Celina Chapman
Photogenic: Cindy Nguyen


Sydney West, Erika Porras, Cindy Nguyen, Lauren Ralston, Kailyn Strain

Miss Virginia USA & Teen USA 2014 results!

Arielle Rosmarino is the new Miss Virginia USA 2014 and Olivia Fletcher is Miss Virginia Teen USA!  Both won the Miss Fredericksburg prelim pageant earlier in the year, making this the second pairing of local titleholders to win their state titles this year (the other being Brittany Guidry and Mary Risener in Louisiana).  

Arielle was first runner-up to Catherine Muldoon in 2012 and is the first winner in four years who had competed in VA before.  Olivia was competing for the first time.  Arielle’s win extends Virginia’s blonde streak to five years!

First runner-up in Miss VA USA was Maggie Lawson, Miss Virginia Teen USA 2009, who was a semi-finalist last year.  Fellow former Teen titleholder (in Rhode Island) and 2013 semi-finalist Dominique Lee placed third runner-up.  Past North Carolina finalist and sister of Miss NC USA 2004, Laura Puleo placed second runner-up and newcomer Kiara Williams was fourth runner-up.  Four of the top 10, DominiqueLauraBrittany Byrdy and Cecily King had all competed in other states previously.

In Teen, the two returning 2013 runners-up Skyla Bailey and Madison Macher both made top 12.  This year’s top five included one 2013 semi-finalist, one 2013 non-finalist and three newcomers.

Miss Virginia USA 2014 - Arielle Rosmarino  (1RU 12)
1RU: Maggie Lawson (SF 13, Miss Virginia Teen USA 2009)
2RU: Laura Puleo (T10 NC USA 13, 2RU NC USA 12)
3RU: Dominique Lee (SF 13, SF RI USA 12, Miss Rhode Island Teen USA 2005, 2RU RI TUSA 04)
4RU: Kiara Williams

Tiffany Torrance  (SF 12, SF 11, 3RU 10, 4RU VA TUSA 06)
Brittany Byrdy  (NF DC USA 13, 2RU AZ USA 12, 4RU AZ USA 11, T12 AZ TUSA 06)
Cecily King  (SF MA USA 13)
Hannah Stiltner (SF VA TUSA 13)
Rachel Stacy (SF 13)

Congeniality: Shaun Barber
Photogenic: Dominique Lee

Arielle Rosmarino, Maggie Lawson, Laura Puleo, Dominique Lee, Kiara Williams

Miss Virginia Teen USA 2014 - Olivia Fletcher 
1RU: Cameron Smith (NF 13)
2RU: Davina Seoparson
3RU: Kinser Crutchfield (SF 13)
4RU: Ashley Vollrath

Tess McNerlin
Skyla Bailey (1RU 13, NF 12)
Briana Clevinger
Larissa Bierly (NF 13, NF 12)
Madison Macher  (4RU 13)
Katie-An Bradley (NF 12)
Michaela Sigmon

Congeniality: Consuela Franklin
Photogenic: Tess McNerlin

Olivia Fletcher, Cameron Smith, Davina Seoparson, Kinser Crutchfield, Ashley Vollrath

Miss Wisconsin USA & Teen USA 2014 results!

Update - Top 15 semi-finalists & award winners have been added.

Bishara Dorre won Miss Wisconsin USA 2014 and Patience Vallier is Miss Wisconsin Teen USA 2014 (click their names to view their profiles)!  Congratulations to both girls.  Experience won out this year, Bishara had placed 1RU the past two years, and Patience was 3RU last year and a semi-finalist two years before that.

Bishara was Miss Wisconsin Teen USA 2006 and will be the seventh Miss Teen USA 2006 contestant to compete at Miss USA (more about the 2006 Teens here).  She is the fourth Miss Wisconsin Teen USA to win Miss Wisconsin USA (More info here).  She was also Miss Wisconsin’s Outstanding Teen 2007 and will be the second Miss America’s Outstanding Teen contestant to compete at Miss USA.  First runner-up was another former Miss Wisconsin Teen USA, Victoria Sorone Johnston (2011), who was 4RU last year.

Patience is the first returning former runner-up to win Miss Wisconsin Teen USA for three years.

I don’t have the semi-finalist lists right now but will post those as soon as I can find them.


Miss Wisconsin USA 2014 - Bishara Dorre (1RU 13, 1RU 12, Miss Wisconsin Teen USA 2006
1RU - Victoria Sorone Johnston (4RU 13, Miss Wisconsin Teen USA 2011, 3RU WI TUSA 10, 3RU WI TUSA 09, T15 WI TUSA 08, 4RU WI TUSA 07) 
2RU - Carolyn Ciancolo  (4RU MO USA 13, SF MO USA 12) 
3RU - Heather Herrick
4RU - Cassandra Besaw (SF 13, SF 12) 

Semi-finalists - Ashley Cobert (SF 13), Kelly Berndt (3RU 13, SF 12), Deidre Pribek, Regina Gray, Danielle Jones (SF 13, 1RU 09, 2RU 08)Rachel Wright, Desiree Geffers, Jennifer White (SF 13), Marly Kesan, Jaclene Newell (NF 13)

Congeniality - Victoria Sorone Johnston
Photogenic - Cassandra Besaw


Miss Wisconsin Teen USA 2014 - Patience Vallier (3RU 13, T15 12, T15 11) 
1RU - Kenna Mia Harke
2RU - Teaka Griesbach (1RU 13, Miss WI’s Outstanding Teen 2010
3RU - Natalie Hamilton (SF 13)
4RU - Abby Rockendorf  (SF 13) 

Semi-finalists - Alysse Thompson (NF 13) , Salena Gavin, Amanda Vieth (NF 12), Laurette Beebe, Chelsie Bence, Justine Engman (SF 13), Shelby Peck, Emily Slawski, Haley Volz (NF 13) , Courtney Nachreiner

Congeniality - Patience Vallier
Photogenic - Alexis Priebe